Online Critical Thinking Assessment and Professional Development

Hands using 10 different devices for critical thinking and innovation

Secure, encrypted, online multilingual testing interface

Insight Assessment critical thinking test instruments are delivered worldwide every day. Your online account can often be established within one business day. Our customer support and technology staff will work with you to meet your needs.

  • Testing and professional development tools are available 24/7/365 online. Login and password are required for end-users to access their assigned tests or their purchased professional development products.
  • Our browser-based online interface is easy to use, data encrypted and flexible. Tests can be assigned to be taken within any window of time which meets the client’s needs. Each test is scored as soon as the test-taker submits all of his or her responses to the items on the test.
  • Multilingual capabilities for the interface itself and for the assessments and results provide the flexibility of using high quality translations to minimize concerns about the language in which the test or survey is presented.
  • Reports: scoring is done electronically and data will be returned electronically.
    • An individual report is prepared for each test taker. Clients control confidentiality by determining whether test takers see results by enabling anonymous or individually identified results.
    • Client defined group summary reporting abilities are useful for assessing departments or work groups within a department.
  • Options for service delivery
    • Full Service Online Assessment Options: Businesses and personal advising and counseling customers often require continuous assessment capability with real-time results delivery. Insight Assessment staff can provide you with customized support service to fit your assessment plan.
    • Hands-On Online Administration: Some customers prefer to schedule their own assessments and download group data themselves. A designated test administrator can control needed aspects of online testing including test assignments, scheduling as well as managing and downloading assessment data. A personalized telephone orientation is provided to get started with hands-on administration.
  • Testing tool uses standard SSL for encryption
  • To Preview the Online System: If you are not familiar with the assessment instrument or the use of our online system, obtaining a preview pack will help you see how our assessment instruments can best be used at your organization or institution.

Contact us at 650-697-5628 or use Contact us to discuss using our online testing system for your project.

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