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Insight Assessment currently provides optional full service for many clients, but we have a great dashboard for those choosing to do their own administration.

Client test administrator functions include defining assignments of tests to be taken, creating test-taker logins, ordering reports of group and individual test scores, determining needed demographic data, adding custom demographic questions and managing the client’s own account security settings. Insight Assessment will provide support to do needed administration.

  • Previewing the Online System: If you are concerned about administering Insight Assessment test instruments, talk with our staff about a preview. We will provide all you need to know to administer assessments using mobile app or your browser.

  • Full Service Model: Businesses and personal advising and counseling customers typically require continuous assessment capability with real-time results delivery. Fitting the assessment to the individual test taker provides the best measure of critical thinking ability, so some clients will prefer to have a variety of assessment instruments available for different employee groups, to fit educational level, spoken language, or specialty. After a short consultation with our technical staff you will have all you need to assure a complete service option for your assessment needs. If it makes sense to have some aspects of your assessment process handled by Insight Assessment staff, we can include a custom service option in your purchase agreement.   

  • Tracking Data Over Time: Our customers span all types of assessment projects (hiring, program admissions applicant screening, training program evaluation, scientific research studies, etc) so our testing system is designed to accommodate all types of data collection designs. Whatever you data collection requirements, our staff will help you to set up your account and collect the data you want, when you need it.

High quality assessment is our business; we are committed to ensuring that our clients get the data they need to realize their goals.

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