Objective Data for Admissions and Placement

Insight Assessment individual reports
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Optimize student admissions and placement

The ability to identify student applicants who have the strongest critical thinking skills and the desire to apply those skills should be an essential component of individual admission decisions, placement or advising.

Are your incoming students ready for their educational experience?

Are they likely to make a successful transition to their new school?  Excellence starts with enrolling the best students and educating them to become the best professionals and graduates possible. Improved student selection leads to better learning outcomes, better graduates and a rising academic reputation.

Strong critical thinking predicts academic and professional success. Making the measurement of critical thinking at program entry strengthens comprehensive selective admission and placement programs.

Validated, objective critical thinking data

Our reports provide a wide range of information, statistical and demographic, about individuals and/or groups. Norm percentiles are reported for each individual test taker and for the group overall. Comparison of individual and group scores to a national sample of test-takers similar to those tested by clients provides a way to judge the strength of critical thinking skills against an external standard or customized norms.  Assessments can be delivered via our secure, encrypted, online multilingual interface for individual and group testing.

Comprehensive array of proven measurement tools:

At all educational levels in over 60 countries, Insight Assessment clients depend on our test instruments:

  • Institutions of Higher Education:  Insight Assessment offers specialized instruments calibrated to measure the reasoning strengths and weaknesses of individuals and/or groups at the community college, college and university levels.  Individual reports identify applicants who have the strongest critical thinking skills and the desire to apply those skills; this enables admissions offices to identify candidates who have outstanding potential to learn and to achieve to the maximum their talent permit. Group data reports document the selectivity of admissions programs and provide the data needed to guide student placement.
  • Post graduate:  Insight Assessment professional and graduate level assessments are widely used in graduate and doctoral schools (such as business, nursing, pharmacy, dental) as an element of the admissions program.  Published research confirms the correlation of critical thinking skills with success in these fields.
  • High Schools: Independent, charter, public, private and international — gather solid evidence of their students’ critical thinking and mathematical reasoning ability using Insight Assessment instruments calibrated for the high school student population. Measuring the critical thinking of incoming and prospective students provides objective data to inform admissions, student advising and class placement. Assessment data is used to identify which students would most benefit from focused training in reasoning and to predict successful college admission or the licensure of trade candidates.
  • K-12 Schools: Public, private and charter schools can supplement selective admissions processes by gathering objective evidence of key predictors of student success such as critical thinking skills, mathematical reasoning and learning orientation. Insight Assessment’s comprehensive individual reports document the strengths and weaknesses of student thinking. These metrics are being used in admission and placement programs.
  • Transfer students:Transfer students are a significant part of some student applicant pools. Assess critical thinking skills to verify transfer students and adult learners meet your thinking standards and have the skills to succeed in your coursework. Insight Assessment has test instruments calibrated for all students from K-12 through adult learner and post-graduate programs.
  • Data to target student placement and support: Students with weak thinking skills too often fail to excel and may consequently drop out of school. Proactively measuring critical thinking skills and attributes of incoming students gives academic support services the data needed to target at-risk students and connect them with the necessary developmental programs, boosting student success and increasing overall retention.

Make sure your incoming class includes students ready to learn and succeed.

Strong critical thinking skills and positive critical thinking habits of mind are vital to academic success in every academic discipline and major field of study. Make sure your incoming class includes students ready to learn and succeed.

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