Nurturing Students’ Meta-Cognition and Self Reflection Through On-line Journaling

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Using Journaling– Online and Structured Self-Reflection

Dr. Carol Gittens, Santa Clara University, USA

Dr. Giancarlo-Gittens, Santa Clara University, describes the use of computer-mediated communication (CMC) to provide students with the opportunity to more deeply interpret, analyze and draw inferences from classroom content or field experiences. The lesson brings important insights not found elsewhere in this volume on how to focus the training of thinking on specific skills (problem framing, analysis of consequences, and the explanation of evaluation). Dr Giancarlo-Gittens presents the Critical Thinking (CT) Reflective Log, an online journaling assignment that was first developed to nurture pre-service teachers’ reflective and meta-cognitive skills. It is a wonderfully adaptable lesson for students and clinicians at all levels of practice, well referenced to assist those new to the field of educational research, and it offers a focused effort to build skills in meta-cognitive awareness and critical reflection.

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