NSF Focus on Evaluating STEM Program Effectiveness

STEM Engineering Architecture
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Insight Assessment celebrates all of our distinguished researchers conducting investigations funded by the National Science Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson, DOE Title III STEM grants and other agencies supporting their educational research work. There is a growing focus on the scientific evaluation of the educational effectiveness of STEM education programs in proposals currently being drafted for the next NSF cycle. Investigators seek to learn which teaching and training techniques result in growth in critical thinking in students of all ages. Using instruments that are matched to the level of the student, our client investigators obtain an in depth analysis of students’ reasoning and numeracy skills, and a detailed assessment of the mindset attributes needed for success in STEM related disciplines.

Insight Assessment team is proud of our commitment to support research studies of human reasoning and decision making. Insight Assessment’s internal grant program enables us to provide applicants with our world class test instruments to measure the core critical thinking skills and habits of mind, in many languages, well below cost.

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