My Thinking Skills – A Quiz

My Thinking Skills – A Quiz

CT Strategies

High-quality, expertly designed, and interactive critical thinking self-development tools are available through INSIGHT BASECAMP.


The Critical Thinking Strategies Quiz exercises a person’s critical thinking skills. It is not a test of content knowledge. Instead, it targets the skills people need for rational problem-solving and decision-making. The questions provide information and context. Those taking the quiz apply their critical thinking skills to reason to the best choice from among those offered. Results are reported as an overall score and as scores on multiple skill dimensions:

  • OVERALL Reasoning Skills
  • Reasoning in Ambiguous and Uncertain Contexts
  • Reasoning in Logically Precise Contexts
  • Analytical and Interpretive Reasoning
  • Evaluative and Explanatory Reasoning
  • Reasoning in Numerical and Quantitative Contexts

Qualitative and numerical ratings on each skill can be downloaded as a PDF after the quiz is completed.


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