My Learning Mind – Ages 11-17 Personal Assessment

My Learning Mind – Ages 11-17 Personal Assessment

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Individuals perform better academically if they have a strong desire and firm intention to learn. Designed for ages 11 through 17, this tool addresses mindset attributes related to learning.

My Learning Mind – Ages 11-17 measures the motivation to learn, creative problem solving, cognitive integrity, rigorous thinking and mental focus. It is not a test of basic skills or content knowledge. Rather it is a measure of how middle school or high school aged children and adolescents relate to intellectual activities

My Learning Mind – Ages 11-17 is based on the employment and educational tests Insight Assessment provides to businesses, health care agencies, colleges and high schools around the world.

Personal assessments for children and adults can be accessed through our app, Critical Thinking Insight.  Just download and install the free app. Use it to view sample test questions, to learn more about your leadership potential or thinking mindset, or to demonstrate your thinking skills.

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