Leadership Potential – Become a More Resourceful, Driven, and Motivational Leader

Leadership Potential – Become a More Resourceful, Driven, and Motivational Leader

MB-Resourceful Leadership

High-quality, expertly designed, and interactive critical thinking self-development tools are available through INSIGHT BASECAMP.


Great leaders are known for being motivational, being driven, and being inquisitive. Learn how these mindset attributes contribute to effective leadership. With the reflective thinking exercises, realistic examples, and questions with debriefs in this Mindset Booster, you will be able to build your leadership mindset.

Dig into the meaning of “leadership” as a habit of mind. Learn how effective leaders motivate themselves and others to give their best. Learn what it means to be driven, inquisitive, and resourceful as a leader.

When you complete this Mindset Booster, you will see on screen your scores for: Personal Feedback – Overall. And score for three specifics: Motivational Boost, Drive Boost, and Resourcefulness Boost. You will be able to download a PDF copy of the feedback. It will include a summary of key ideas, along with your scores in each area.

Mindset Boosters are interactive personal development tools. Reflection on your own thinking process is the key to building positive critical thinking habits of mind. Use the questions, debriefs, insights, exercises, thought experiments, and explanations to strengthen your critical thinking mindset, and become a more reliable, reflective, decision-maker.

Check out the Mindset Booster “Resourceful Leadership

The short-courses, quizzes, and surveys at INSIGHT BASECAMP are designed so individuals can identify their own strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies for improving their critical thinking skills, and gain a confident mindset necessary to make sound decisions in their everyday and professional lives. The quizzes and surveys are designed based on age level and are available to individuals ranging from children to adulthood.


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