Medical Centers Improve Staff Reasoning Skills

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Clinical outcomes improve when the measurement and development of critical thinking skills becomes a measurable core competency for medical staff.

Patient satisfaction and workplace safety are priorities in health care services industry. Improvement depends on hiring, training and developing employees at every level who can make timely, evidenced-based, high stakes, situation-specific decisions.

Many long-term Insight Assessment clients have transformed their health care service delivery teams into high performance reasoning and decision-making units by adding INSIGHT critical thinking solutions to their recruitment and training. Nearly all of these staff education projects, new hire programs, and applicant screening initiatives prove successful and grow over time, as the medical centers learn how valuable improvements in professional judgment can be to the hospital and medical center community.  When the measurement of reasoning skills becomes a measurable core competency for medical staff, clinical outcomes improve.

INSIGHT Health enables health care corporations to implement integrated programs to objectively measure and grow the decision making skills and mindset of both the clinical and non-clinical staff at all levels of the organization.


Data for Prescreening, Hiring and Placing Strong Critical Thinkers:

  • INSIGHT Health offers customized comprehensive two-part assessment solutions (skills and mindset) for targeted levels of responsibility: Part 1 assesses the motivation to learn, to excel and to problem-solve effectively; Part 2 assesses the essential reasoning skills required for success.  Proven, scientifically-based INSIGHT test instruments are calibrated to assess critical thinking skills in the contexts of actual job-related problems experienced at various levels of responsibility.
  • INSIGHT Health provides comprehensive reliable metrics for each individual and group aggregate reports, analytics, and presentation graphics. We specialize in multiyear data gathering.

Professional Development to Improve Employee Reasoning Skills and Mindset

  • INSIGHT Development Program is an online professional development program that focuses on core components of strong thinking skills and mindset attributes. It includes both an assessment and the self-training modules. The modules are entertaining as well as effective training. Employees can address areas for improvement while having the expectation of growth in every area assessed. Modules also include useful insights about why the attributes are vital to the attainment of their professional goals and responsibilities, and why they are valued by their agency. Employees can access the training modules 24/7/365 using a provided login and password.
  • Insight Development program can be integrated into your continuing education training programs or can be implemented as new initiative. The adoption of our proven health science thinking assessments lets you objectively measure progress.

Once the proven effectiveness of data-driven decisions about hiring and performance is realized, many health centers expand their critical thinking assessment and development programs to larger areas of the company.

We understand the realities of cost to any agency, but nothing is more costly to a health care corporation than errors in judgment and poor clinical decisions. INSIGHT provides cost-effective, easily administered tools which can provide the answers you need to minimize the costs of errors in judgment and poor decisions throughout all departments.

Having the right people in the right job is essential for the patient care and for business success. Contact us to consult with Insight Assessment test specialists who will help design and implement your INSIGHT Health Care solution.

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