Measuring CT at Colleges and Universities

Learning demands critical thinking.

Students who are both willing and able to correctly interpret information, analyze problems, see the consequences of the things they are learning, cogently explain their basis for their beliefs and actions, critique new ideas and evaluate assumptions are strong learners. Whether learning the course material or navigating the complexities of their new university, students’ success depends on critical thinking.

In a time of budgetary challenges, money needs to be spent wisely and only on initiatives that are effective.

Insight Assessment is proud to provide educators with a superior set of psychometrically and educationally sound and widely respected tools to gather valid data about students’ critical thinking skills and their critical thinking habits of mind. Our senior researchers and test developers include nationally recognized academic leaders, scholar-teachers, workshop presenters and assessment design experts.  For more than twenty years we have worked directly with faculty and administrators in every field and discipline on how to define, teach and, most importantly, assess critical thinking.

Our assessment design experts can help you implement a cost-effective test program which will provide data on your targeted test takers or programs.

  • At program entry the capacity to evaluate the critical thinking skills and dispositions of incoming students, individually and as a group, provides invaluable data for tailoring academic support services to the needs of specific students. In addition to the potential benefits for each student, these data permit the development and the assessment of these programs. The success of the students in their classes and in their adjustment to undergraduate or graduate life predicts higher retention and graduation rates.
  • Exit data generated by Insight Assessment’s high-quality, research-based measures of critical thinking are used for accreditation, program evaluation or learning outcomes assessment, benchmarking and a variety of other educational purposes. Good data on students’ critical thinking skills and dispositions can be expeditiously gathered using objective, valid, reliable and cost-effective, field-tested and proven measurement tools. Independent research shows that these data can demonstrate the extent to which students at the general education, baccalaureate or graduate professional level are achieving the essential educational goal of growth in critical thinking.
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