Mapping Decisions and Arguments

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Published in INQUIRY, SUMMER 2015, VOL. 30, NO. 2, this paper by Peter A. Facione, Measured Reasons, and Carol Ann Gittens, Santa Clara University, describes a powerful new tool for examining decision making.

Whether in business, government, healthcare, education, or daily life, group and individual decision making determines financial, military, policy, legal, healthcare, learning, and personal outcomes. But too often the decision making which impacts our lives and our businesses so heavily can seem opaque.  Diagramming as presented in this paper holds the potential of making human decision making, particularly in contexts of risk and uncertainty, much more transparent.   Diagramming the reasoning used in individual or group decision making enables that reasoning to be externalized, objectified, and evaluated.  As such, diagramming is a powerful aid to critical reflection for understanding and improving individual or group decision making

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