Mapping Decisions and Arguments

New Resource: "Mapping Decisions and Arguments" includes 20 example maps diagramming decision making; Facione & Gittens
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If you’re interested in understanding how decisions are made, training good thinking or in decision mapping, Insight Assessment has added a great new free resource. “Mapping Decisions and Arguments”  co-authored by Dr. Peter Facione, senior researcher at Insight Assessment, and Dr. Carol Ann Gittens, Santa Clara University. This paper describes a powerful new tool for examining decision making.

Mapping Decisions and Arguments offers an extensive introduction to a diagramming system that is more fully developed than the usual textbook presentation of argument diagramming. The twenty example maps included begin with a configuration illustrating one reason offered in support of a conclusion, and build to highly complex maps illustrating the analyses of real world decisions as recorded in interviews and official documents

As an analytical, research or learning tool, diagramming has the potential to aid in improved decision-making in business, healthcare, law, military, and education.

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