LSRP: Diagnostic Tool for Law School Readiness

Balance Scale with caption: Measure Critical Thinking

Accurately interpreting the fine distinctions of a judicial decision, explaining the applicability of precedent, drawing accurate inferences as to the most advantageous argument to defend a client and constructing that argument convincingly are all critical thinking skills. 

The two part Legal Studies Reasoning Profile (LSRP)  provides a complete assessment of the attributes and thinking skills preferred in today’s legal professional. 

How ready are your newly admitted students for their legal studies education?

  • The LSRP (Part 2) measures overall readiness for Legal Studies and identifies individual strengths and weaknesses in five central thinking skills: analysis, inference, evaluation, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. Scores can be used to assist your admissions process, to assess the strength of your incoming cohort, identify students who require additional assistance to benefit best from their educational program and to examine the curriculum itself for its effectiveness in growing critical thinking skills.

There is more to being an effective law professional than possessing strong thinking skills and knowledge of the law. Personal attributes are critical in many professional roles.

  • Developed in association with the American Bar Association Summer Institute, the LSRP (Part 1) measures personal attributes believed to be important to how law professionals prepare and counsel their clients and colleagues and how they approach argument and judgment. Scales include mental focus, intellectual integrity, mental rigor, foresight, cognitive maturity, professional confidence, communicative confidence, teamwork, expression, directness

The LSRP provides objective data for institutional, accreditation and professional assessment mandates.  Contact us to see how using the LSRP can strengthen your admissions, placement and retention programs.

Make sure you are admitting students who have the thinking skills and mindset needed to succeed in law school and in their legal careers.

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