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Successful organizations are built on talent.

Advocating, problem solving, policy development, negotiation, and decision making all have something in common. The more an individual or group engages questions and issues forthrightly, creatively and fair-mindedly, the higher their chances for success. This translates into being both willing and able to think critically.

The “able” in that expression denotes the skills of analysis, inference, evaluation, inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning working in concert toward the formation of a reasoned judgment about what to believe or what to do with regard to any given issue or question. The “willing” denotes the set of dispositions, beliefs, values and personal attributes which dispose one to engage those skills, in contrast with taking an approach which may be more reactive than reasoned.

Use Insight Assessment testing tools to cost-effectively streamline your candidate evaluation process by efficiently identifying those individuals who have the desire and skills to think and solve problems. With our Assessment Reports package (included with purchase) you will have the data to do focus your selection resources on those with the greatest potential to build your organization. Our Customized Assessment Reports service, which includes customized internal or external comparison group benchmarking can refine your capacity to select, predict and build for success.

Insight Assessment offers the world’s leading measures of those core critical thinking skills and those vital dispositional and personal attributes. Our research-based instruments are used by government agencies, legal profession clients, medical professionals, universities, financial institutions and businesses to evaluate job applicants, employees, graduate and undergraduate students, professionals, and executive personnel.

Are the People in our Organization Willing and Able to Think?

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