Law Schools Measure Critical Thinking

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Educational excellence starts with enrolling the best possible new group of students and educating them to become the best possible JD, LLM, LSM, joint MS and SJD graduates, professionals and job candidates.

Training for critical thinking has always been a central concern of legal educators. Insight Assessment test instruments are used by government agencies, legal professionals, medical and health professionals, universities, financial institutions, security services and businesses to evaluate job applicants, employees, graduate and undergraduate students, professionals, and executive personnel. Law schools are adopting Insight Assessment critical thinking measurement tools, such as the Legal Studies Reasoning Profile (LSRP) , Parts 1 & 2 because:

  • faculty can quickly and easily document the critical thinking of prospective or current students. The data gathered with these tools are valuable for admissions purposes, educational research, accreditation, learning outcomes assessment and program evaluation. Insight Assessment testing tools are cost-effective and can be normed to law schools and programs comparable to your own.

  • admissions programs can use results to identify applicants who have the strongest critical thinking skills and the desire to apply those skills. These candidates have outstanding potential to learn and to achieve to the maximum their talent permits.

  • data gathered with these tools are valuable educational research, accreditation, learning outcomes assessment and program evaluation

  • administering the tests prepares students for the highly competitive job market after graduation. Insight Assessment offers you the same tests now in use by private law firms, government employers, search firms and executive hiring consultants.

Insight Assessment tests of critical thinking skills rely on case-based scenarios to provide objective, valid and reliable measures of these essential problem solving and decision making skills. Assessment solutions are available through on-line testing or paper-and-pencil testing.

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