K-12 Tools Measure What Matters – Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an essential part of K-12 education


Four important reasons why schools use the EDUCATE INSIGHT series assessments to evaluate students’ reasoning skills and thinking mindset.


  1. EDUCATE INSIGHT measures the cognitive skills and personal attributes most valued by the next higher levels of education, including colleges and universities.  Reasoning skills assessed by EDUCATE INSIGHT include: analysis, interpretation, evaluation, inference, explanation, induction, deduction and numeracy.  Thinking mindset measures include: mental focus, learning orientation, creative problem solving and cognitive integrity.
  2. EDUCATE INSIGHT test instruments enable schools to demonstrate their educational effectiveness to parents, accreditors, funding agencies and other stakeholders. Data is used for skills development, support programs, accreditation, school improvement, program evaluation and selective admissions.
  3. Skills measured by EDUCATE INSIGHT align with the next generation science standards and permeate Common Core. For example, the Numeracy score is aligned with what the Common Core refers to as “Mathematical Reasoning.”
  4. EDUCATE INSIGHT assessments are used for selective admissions to determine which applicants have the best reasoning skills and mindset to succeed.

EDUCATE INSIGHT provides a comprehensive critical thinking solution for K-12


The vertical integration of this series of instruments spans the K-12 continuum. Testing is now available in a student’s first language for English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Our industry-leading, app-based online assessment technology enables students to complete testing on a wide array of mobile devices of PC at the school site.  Reports provide the objective data needed to document the achievement of critical thinking educational outcomes.  Individual student reports assist teachers in providing differentiated instruction for growth.  Group reports aggregate data and offer easy to understand summaries, tables, and charts. Scores are reported using numbers, qualitative categories, and percentiles.

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