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Uses for Critical Thinking Skills and Mindset Data
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It is essential that you have the best information available to guide the future of your institution. In today’s competitive educational environment, there is no substitute for an accurate assessment of the quality of new educational programs, the effectiveness of student retention initiatives, and the demonstration of the attainment of performance-based outcomes.

How do you get the data you need for your educational effectiveness plan?

  • Select a well-defined and valuable assessment focus:  Choose critical thinking, a value for all students throughout life.
  • Help students understand the value of critical thinking as a learning goal: Read “Critical Thinking: What it is and Why it Counts.” 
  • Use valid and reliable assessment tools well-fit to your student group. Choose cost efficient, student friendly measures that provide immediate data for analysis.
  • Set a goal for determining successfully achieving learning goals: Student performance based on national percentiles, Individual improvement for students at risk, gains in cohort performance over time, gains in response to curriculum innovation, demonstrated proficiency as a component of educational requirement.
  • Execute the data collection plan:  Use a well-designed and well-executed research approach to sampling, data gathering and results analysis.  Capture ‘baseline’ data for ongoing comparison.
  • Provide feedback to the campus: What proportion of your students reached their learning goals? How Share key findings fair-mindedly with interested faculty and students. Providing student with their results improves their participation in assessment
  • Evaluate and improve the assessment process: Was data collection adequate? Were students engaged in the process? Were desired outcomes achieved? Did faculty learn what they need to know to direct the curriculum?

Showcase the value of your education programs by adding the highest quality of critical thinking assessment data to your institutional database. Insight Assessment offers the full-service solutions you need.

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