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Insight Assessment is a distributor of time-limited licenses to use high-quality tests and surveys and is committed to delivering those tests and surveys in an accurate and timely manner. Insight Assessment is also committed to providing clients with accurate reports of scores and other demographic data and survey results as entered by test takers in response to the questions on their assigned tests or surveys. The following notices are hereby published and made public as inclusive with the purchase of licenses to use Insight Assessment tests.

Notice: Customers who purchase use licenses and testing services assure Insight Assessment that:

  • Provisions will be made to guarantee instrument security. All copies of paper-and-pencil measurement tools will be kept in secure locations before and after testing.
  • Online Test Taker Access Code will be kept in secure locations before and after testing.
  • Client acknowledges that Insight Assessment retains ownership of online tests which are supplied to or used by the client testing.
  • Copyrights will not be violated. No portion of any assessment may be reproduced in any format without the specific permission of Insight Assessment.
  • No copies of the assessment, in whole or in part, will be made. No assessment questions will be duplicated or distributed or published in any way that has the potential to compromise the security of the testing instrument.
  • Neither the tests nor the assessment results are sold or made available for sale in the absence of a specified reseller contract.
  • Assessments will be administered in accord with the procedures specified in the assessment User Guide
  • Assessment instruments and results will be used in accord with accepted ethical standards for the testing of human subjects.

Notice: For assessment security reasons, information on assessment item construction, instrument structure and scale structure are not released as a component of testing service purchase.

Notice: Insight Assessment reserves the right to withhold testing and scoring services or assessment score results for any client, test taker, or other user who does not abide by the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement,  presents or falsifies responses to assessment questions, attempts to acquire or to distribute assessment questions or scales or answer keys, or who otherwise violates any of these terms or conditions. Insight Assessment reserves the right to discontinue services or decline purchase requests in the event that there is reason to be concerned that doing otherwise would compromise the security of any of its measurement tools.

Insight Assessment Use Licensure Agreement

Insight Assessment Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement

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