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The job market is heating up.  Job reports show the economy is growing, hiring is increasing and the unemployment rate is falling. More employers are planning to hire or contract for new employees this year.

How will this impact your plans for growth? 

  • You face increased competition for qualified employees making it more challenging to make sure that each person you hire is the right person for the right job. 

  • You need to hire strategically, making sure that you are building a talent pool with the motivation and potential to grow in their responsibilities.

  • You will still be inundated with resumes and applicants for each position making it even more cost-effective to prescreen candidates.

At Insight Assessment, we believe that thinking skills are the foundation of all business job skills. Employees at every level of your organization need strong decision skills and a commitment to professional success.   You need to hire the best thinkers; we can help you minimize costs of bad hires or low retention rates.

INSIGHT Business  provides the data you need to be confident that you are hiring and promoting the have the personnel who have the decision skills and motivation to succeed and meet your company goals.    Our assessments have been calibrated to provide objective metrics on the specific strengths and weaknesses of the reasoning skills the employee uses at their specific level of responsibility.  To learn more

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