INSIGHT Scenario: Hiring for Workplace Safety

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A manufacturing firm is opening a new facility in a new state.   Management has chartered HR to quickly build a dependable staff with a strong work ethic and commitment to work place safety.  They want to hire smart to make sure their training dollars aren’t wasted on people who can’t learn or who will make costly mistakes.  How can they assemble a safe and effective team?

INSIGHT Solution:

To reduce their exposure to safety risks, this firm decides to require prescreened candidates to take the online INSIGHT Business Assessments.   Final hiring decisions include objective measures of the reasoning skills and the core personal competencies of each candidate. Only candidates who received Strong Positive ratings on Workplace Safety, Workplace Flexibility and Desire to Learn are hired. 

INSIGHT Support and INSIGHT Business Staff both report objective categorical scores for all nine habits of mind that motivate productive workers.  In this case, three characteristics are particularly important: 

  • Workplace Safety: The Workplace Safety Indicator provides of measurement of employee diligence and concern for personal safety as well as that of coworkers.    Higher scores indicate due regard for the value of workplace safety rules and precautions, rather than cutting corners and taking unnecessary risks.

  • Workplace Flexibility: The Workplace Flexibility Indicator assesses employee adaptability to changing workplace situations and demands. Reaching solutions demands openness and willingness to adjust expectations. Higher scores indicate someone who is resilient and welcoming toward workplace requirements for change and for the application of new or different skills. 

  • Desire to Learn: The Desire to Learn Indicator assesses employee appreciation of continuous development and the need to retool in light of changing work responsibilities.  Higher scores indicate someone who is eager to learn new processes, new systems and new procedures; lower scores indicate someone who may resist the personal impact of workplace change or growth.  A willingness to learn is essential for positions where specific knowledge must be gained on the job.

As part of their commitment to quality hiring, the firm adopts not just the plant floor level but all four levels of INSIGHT Business assessments; strong reasoning skills and mindsets are now a prerequisite for hiring and promotion throughout their organization.

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