INSIGHT Scenario: Build a Positive Work Culture

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A large retail company invested money and employee hours to develop and implement a new business strategy with the goal of improving customer service. All staff sat through rigorous training and had ample opportunities to ask questions.  The strategy didn’t improve the customer service metrics. The lack of ACTUAL staff development led to this failure.

Was it the plan, was it the implementation or was it the staff? It could be a combination of all three. But we have all seen a motivated instructor make difficult or arduous material interesting. More importantly we have also seen an employee who is a good learner improve even without the best training. Should this company have assessed the attitudes and commitment of the trainers and the staff before investing large training dollars? 

INSIGHT Solution:

Insight Assessment can provide metrics for the thinking skills and attitudes of both trainers and trainees so that new programs can focus on areas needing improvement. The company’s next business strategy decision is to implement INSIGHT: Assessment Solutions for Business Success for all new and current staff. Targeted solutions for each level of responsibility within their organization, ease of testing at multiple locations, comprehensive individual data for each employee or candidate, the ability to set minimum standards for skills and core competencies that matter makes this a cost-effective way to build their future. 

Position your company to grow and succeed: use INSIGHT Business to hire and promote the right people.   

  • Use INSIGHT Executive and INSIGHT Business Professional to determine if your planners have the decision making skills necessary to create a good business strategy.  They must be able to not only identify the critical factors which impact the outcome of the decision,  but also  evaluate alternatives, establish priorities, anticipate outcomes and understand contexts of uncertainty.  Your leadership must see change as an opportunity for growth, foresee potential difficulties, be willing to consider competing points of view and be committed to meeting objectives and be able to inspire the organization to move forward.  All this and more is measured by INSIGHT’s senior leadership assessments.  

  • Use INSIGHT Business Staff to determine if the supervisors responsible for the day to day implementation of the new strategy are professionals who are committed to the workplace goals and ideals. They must be able to focus on the elements of the work that matter and to anticipate the needs of customers. To manage change effectively, they must see the value of thinking workplace problems through.  Their teams must see them as trustworthy if they are going to provide the necessary leadership. INSIGHT: Assessment Solutions give you objective measurements of the skills that team leaders need.

  • Use INSIGHT Support to ensure that the people who work directly with your clients will actively support your corporate values and goals. Retail workers must be dependable, honest, able to focus on their work responsibilities, eager to learn new skills and demonstrate workplace tolerance.  Effective workers understand their job duties, anticipate the needs of clients and customers and have basic numeric literacy skills.  INSIGHT Support enables you to prescreen applicants to build a strong sales team and positive customer interface.

Contact us to learn how INSIGHT Business Assessments will provide the data you need to hire and promote confidently.

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