INSIGHT: Optimizing Training Resources

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Strong critical thinking skills are essential for business success. Companies regularly prescreen candidates to assess the strengths and weaknesses  of their thinking skills.

Once hired, professionals must maintain their expertise. Training resources are scarce and often must be effectively directed only to those who require additional support. .. A threshold can be set to highlight acceptable strength in critical thinking for your program or industry, allowing your training centers to focus resources on those who would best benefit from attending training programs aimed at growing their critical thinking skills.

INSIGHT Business Professional and INSIGHT Executive  assessments deliver individual reports that provide comprehensive metrics on individual employee thinking strengths and challenges (such as approaches to problem-solving, ability to work with numerical data, commitment, motivation, professionalism). Objective assessments of essential professional thinking skills and mindset assist in the development of training programs to challenge fast, motivated learners and to target training support to staff with identified skills gaps.

Individual results can be used to target professional development and as a tool during employee evaluation. Group reports are available; board ready presentations include data, custom designed analyses, documentation and graphics which are designed to enable supervisors and managers to objectively match employee skills and talents to job responsibilities.

Contact Insight Assessment to ensure that you have a talent pool with the potential to grow. 

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