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The importance of business critical thinking 

Employees with strong critical thinking skills are the key to succeeding at the future of work every business, large or small

Strong business critical thinking skills along with a lifelong learning mindset have become prerequisites for hiring, promotion and talent development. Profitability depends upon employees who can be flexible and thrive in changing circumstances.  Growing businesses must identify and support strong decision-makers who are able to examine information without bias and find creative solutions in the face of great uncertainty.

Your business cannot afford to stand still. Strong critical thinking and the corresponding problem-solving and decision-making abilities are essential, if your company is going to adapt to rapidly changing situations.  Resilient organizations are driven by people who can analyze problems, evaluate options, identify risks, manage consequences, and identify options for innovation.

If your company is suffering from a skills gap in business critical thinking, then you will need to hire or develop strong critical thinkers.  You’ll, probably, need to do both.

Before embarking on training or hiring, the first step is to gather objective data and analytics to evaluate the current strengths and weaknesses of your workforce and job applicants.

Business critical thinking tools

INSIGHT business critical thinking tools, from testing to training, are specifically designed to provide the metrics that you require to hire strong thinkers, assemble effective teams and boost overall staff competence.

Critical thinking assessments are not one-size-fits-all.  Insight Assessment offers industry-specific testing that has been customized for the educational/responsibility level of test-takers for the deepest insight.  A sampling of our most popular assessment products and suites are listed below.

INSIGHT Business:  A suite of critical thinking skill and lifelong learning mindset assessments, calibrated for business needs, including:
  • EXECUTIVES AND SENIOR MANAGEMENT: INSIGHT Executive: Business leadership, senior executives, and those  accountable for corporate strategy.
  • PROFESSIONALS – BUSINESS: INSIGHT Business Professional:  Middle level leadership, highly skilled staff members, with independent responsibilities reporting to the management team.
  • SENIOR STAFF – BUSINESS: INSIGHT Business Staff: Permanent, experienced and trusted staff; they may supervise, train and lead other members of their team; they often have access to key technology or machinery.
  • SUPPORT PERSONNEL: INSIGHT Support: Support staff with well-defined operational support functions, duties or tasks; temporary, seasonal or highly supervised staff.
INSIGHT Health:  A suite of critical thinking skill and lifelong learning mindset assessments, calibrated for health care needs, including:
  • PROFESSIONALS – HEALTH CARE: INSIGHT Health Professional: Highly skilled clinicians, medical professionals who make high stakes decisions about patient care.
  • SENIOR STAFF – HEALTH CARE: INSIGHT Health Staff: Skilled health care staff who perform key clinical functions.
INSIGHT Defense: Suite of reasoning skills and thinking mindset assessments calibrated for military and defense needs:
  • PROFESSIONALS – MILITARY AND DEFENSE: INSIGHT Defense Professional: Officers, senior NCOs, and civilian managers with operational planning and leadership responsibilities in staff or line positions.
INSIGHT into other professional positions:

INSIGHT is the culmination of Insight Assessment’s 30+ years of experience in high impact measurement of critical thinking skills and the lifelong learning mindset. Our assessments are used worldwide, in 20+ languages, to build an organizational culture supportive of critical thinking and lifelong learning, at all levels.


Actionable data and analytics

Diverse group of office workersThere is no substitute for high-quality, objective and validated data. All INSIGHT solutions feature customized, research-based, professional assessments.  Each INSIGHT assessment measures critical thinking skills and, equally importantly, lifelong learning mindset attributes.

The individual and group reports deliver objective, reliable, statistically valid data and analytics on the specific strengths and weaknesses in the skills and motivation needed by employees, departments, divisions and leadership for their current and future responsibilities.

Comprehensive individual and group metrics are provided on 15 key characteristics of strong decision-makers to identify areas of proficiency or non-proficiency. This allows your company to target areas for improvement. Training programs can be proactively focused on enhancing the skillsets needed by the team. HR can distinguish candidates with the greatest potential for success.

Training business critical thinking skills

Research has shown that performance of employees—whether new, remote or established—correlates to their proficiency in critical thinking. Incorporating critical thinking  as part of onboarding and/or training is an investment that pays off in better decisions, increased motivation, and improved communication.

Your business critical thinking development toolbox

INSIGHT Development Program is a powerful, cost-effective tool that enables your business to efficiently undertake an initiative to improve critical thinking skills..  A series of 18 high-quality content modules, INSIGHT Development Program was designed to improve employee thinking. Each session targets specific soft skills or habits of mind that support strong critical thinking. Definitions, personal and workplace examples, and suggestions for improvement are provided.

The flexible online deployment through a secure browser or app-based system provides ease of use on numerous devices.  Available anytime, anywhere, INSIGHT Development Program is super convenient for self-directed study by your busy workers.  It also can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing upskilling, reskilling or training programs.  Additionally, an assessment is included with the implementation of INSIGHT Development Program in order to measure employee critical thinking and lifelong learning improvement, post-training.

Insight Assessment clients stay with INSIGHT because of the undeniable value for their organizations. Start testing, today

Call us at 650-697-5628 or contact us to begin using the business critical thinking tools proven to deliver the data and training you need to move your company forward.


3 effective strategies to improve employee performance and productivity

The most effective way to improve staff performance is to focus on the quality of individual and group decision-making. The overall goal should be to improve employee decision-making skills.

Widespread quality improvements result when employee decision-making is evaluated, trained and developed. 

1.  Make a commitment to improve decision-making skills company wide

Prioritize strong decision-making skills in order to maximize potential and reduce risks of errors.  

  • Fewer mistakes are made when employees approach problems and decisions with the ability to analyze problems, evaluate options, anticipate consequences and apply numerical data.
  • Efficiency and productivity will improve because risks can be anticipated and errors reduced.
  • Analytical approaches can lead to product and systemic improvements.
  • Minimum thinking standards can be set for future hiring and promotions.
  • Objective data can guide how work is assigned; staff development programs can be instituted.
  • Make a commitment to improve quality, develop talent, hire smart.

2.  Integrate thinking metrics into talent spotting and skills development

It is possible to identify the best thinkers, promote wisely, recognize thoughtful approaches to decision-making and to plan for future leadership.

High quality, reliable assessment data is necessary to assess employee potential for development and growth. Thinking skills and mindset typically don’t appear on performance evaluations. They should be. The quality of decisions about customer service, production tolerances, goal setting, risk evaluation, implementation of changes etc directly impact success.

Objective individual and group thinking skills reports are powerful tools.  Analysis about individual employee reasoning strengths and challenges enables managers to objectively match employee skills and talents to job responsibilities. Insights about an employee’s ability to work with numerical data, commitment, desire to learn and professionalism are highly relevant.

Focus training on improving decision-making.  Objective thinking metrics enable companies to efficiently target training and professional development programs.  Training that focuses on problem-solving skills directly impacts your company overall success by reducing errors.  Training to improve employee decision-making is valuable for individuals, teams and at the company wide level.  High quality online training offers the ability to target specific areas of weakness and support strengths.

3.  Hire smart: Prescreen for thinking skills

Companies invest in their future when they require hiring people with strong thinking skills. 

Hiring smart is the first step to improving employee performance. Every hiring decision is high stakes.  New hires who are fast learners, strong thinkers and problem-solvers will more quickly be productive. Every unsuccessful employee costs money, time and missed opportunities. Companies typically try to reduce risk by first establishing basic requirements (experience, education and skills). After filtering out those who do not meet standards, they can identify and interview the remaining top talent.

Proactive companies understand the consequences of bad decisions, short-sighted problem solving and erroneous risk assessment.  They don’t waste time and human capital screening mediocre applicants to find the essential skills and mindset. They use prescreening tools for an objective summary of the candidate’s core reasoning skills. They require an evaluation of the candidate’s tendency to make decision making mistakes.  Equally important is an assessment of the mindset attributes and disciplines demonstrated by successful, contributing team members.

Improve employee performance: see the impact

Good thinkers produce more revenue, anticipate client needs, make fewer errors and drive the growth of your company.

In summary: proactive companies know that the bottom line is impacted every day by the decisions made by employees at every responsibility.

Tools to improve employee performance

You need powerful tools to build a strong and effective employee base in which strong reasoning skills are valued and mobilized to maximize profit and products. INSIGHT solutions for business success include comprehensive training tools and validated assessments used worldwide.

INSIGHT business assessments are calibrated to measure 15 core components of thinking skill & mindset that are required for professional success.  Reliable objective data is key to achieving your goal of improving employee performance by improving thinking and reasoning skills.

INSIGHT Development Program delivers a comprehensive, effective and well-established approach to strengthening employee decision-making and problem solving. Our clients use INSIGHT Development Program to achieve the goal of better thinking throughout their organization.  An investment in building reasoning capabilities in new hires and current staff pays off in better performance.  The assessment and critical thinking training modules can be integrated into your training programs or can be implemented as new initiative.

We offer premium business testing and employee development solutions, targeted to your specific needs. Our high quality test instruments, automatic online delivery mode, and outstanding customer service make large scale adoptions cost effective. Our reports give you the ability to apply objective metrics to your needs.  Start building your future.  

Contact Insight Assessment for the tools you need to start improving employee job performance and productivity.

Outsmart–and out think–your competition with Insight Assessment.

What do you get?

Relevant, easy to read, easy to use results.


All INSIGHT solutions feature customized professional assessments and comprehensive metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of 15 key aspects of decision making.

Employee assessments include INSIGHT Business, INSIGHT Health, INSIGHT Law, INSIGHT First Responder, INSIGHT Defense, INSIGHT Educator and INSIGHT Science and Engineering.  INSIGHT Development Program includes access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools.

Clear concise reports provide the reliable data analysis you need for hiring, promoting, training and future planning.

INDIVIDUAL REPORTS document strengths and areas for growth

For each individual you will know:

  • Overall score: You will know if the total numeric score indicates Superior, Strong, Moderate skills at this level– or if the skills were Not Manifested.
  • Did the individual candidate demonstrate core critical thinking skills in the required decision-making domains?  Reports explain each of the key aspects of decision making and how it impacts success. At a glance, you’ll see a qualitative rating (Superior, Strong skills, Moderate, or Not Manifested) for each skill or attribute.
  • Numerical scores and recommended performance assessments reflect the extent to which the person being assessed manifested a given skill or attribute.  The recommended performance assessments (qualitative scores) reported are always relative to the level of the INSIGHT assessment instrument: Executive, Professional, Staff or Support.

GROUP REPORTS for team assessment, ranking candidates, talent identification

  • Group reports display aggregated statistics and bar-charts on each INSIGHT metric. These reports have many uses including guiding employee development initiatives over time, comparing different groups engaged in similar tasks at a given organizational level or aiding in the establishment of threshold skill levels to qualify candidates for interviews.

Critical Thinking skills and mindset evaluated

  • INSIGHT assessments include two sets of evaluations;  Section 1 assesses 10 aspects of the business employee mindset. Section 2 assesses 5 decision making skills plus the overall numeric score. The multi-level scales on INSIGHT products have been rigorously calibrated to show how applicants apply their reasoning skills to job-related situations.

Fast results  

  • INSIGHT assessments are available whenever needed 24/7. Upon completion of the assessment, we can have results sent directly to you or your authorized representative.

Options. You tell us what data you need:

  • Do you want to show your top performers?
  • Do you want group statistics, group graphics, ratings within assigned groups?
  • Do you want periodic reports summarizing results?
  • Do you want the individual to see or receive a copy of the report directly?
  • Do you want to benchmark your results against national norms?

Confidence in your results: proven, validated, used worldwide

INSIGHT is the culmination of Insight Assessment’s 30 years of experience in high impact measurement of reasoning.  Worldwide clients rely on our comprehensive range of assessment products to provide the data they need to make important objective decisions about hiring, admissions, licensing, curriculum, program development and more.

Why wait? Distance yourself from your competition. Contact us today.  We can get you started in 24 hours.


Click to see a sample INSIGHT Business Individual Reasoning Skills Report


Contact us today to learn more about our evidence-based solutions and tools.



Superior assessment & training support

Every step of INSIGHT Client Services,  from purchase and adoption through product delivery and reporting, has been designed to ensure that you get the solution you need.

For over 30 years we have been providing superior assessment solutions and training. We specialize in cost effective, full service solutions for measuring decision making skills and mindset attributes.

INSIGHT clients stay with us because they receive undeniable value for their assessment programs.

INSIGHT Client Services provide solutions

  • Better Client  Service, More Customer Confidence in Results—personalized consultations on test selection and logistics through delivery and analysis of results.
  • HR Friendly Support—assistance is provided to assist in the integration of the assessment and improvement of thinking skills and mindset into HR procedures.
  • Ease of Use—Insight Assessment manages logins/passwords, assignments; all you need to do is tell us when and how many individuals you will be testing or training. Tech support is available 24/7.
  • More Reliability, Less Effort and Risk for Your Staff—Secure online testing is available 24x7x365 with our multilingual delivery options. Our online system provides the option of taking our assessments and training on virtually any device. The online test-taker interface is easy to use, data encrypted and flexible.
  • More Metrics, Easier to Use—results delivered within minutes providing comprehensive analytical data on the strengths and weaknesses of test taker thought processes.
  • More Well-Reasoned Decisions, Fewer Errors—prioritizing good thinking reduces poor problem analysis and missed opportunities, increasing performance and efficiency of individuals and teams.
  • Validated, Objective Data, Less File Filler—specific individual and group report data that is applicable for hiring, talent development, focused professional development initiatives, program evaluation.
  • More Business Context, More Relevance—three dimensional scenarios and business situations are linked to specialized metrics which indicate the critical elements of reasoning required to function in corporate positions.
  • More Accurate Data, Better Reportsmeasurements provided for Overall Thinking plus 15 core problem solving skills and mental disciplines that impact how decisions are made.
  • More Options, Better Fit with Your Needs—test instruments calibrated for business, academic, health care, defense and legal organizations; available in more than 20 languages.

INSIGHT clients depend on us to manage the process from account setup and support to quick and confidential delivery of results.   Our testing specialists will help you get the data needed to develop effective employees.

Call us at 650-697-5628 or contact us today


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