INSIGHT Health Professional Metrics

Measure what matters: decision-making skills and mindset

Metrics to build a highly effective healthcare team

INSIGHT Health Professional delivers objective metrics for the prescreening evaluations of new employees and for ongoing staff development programs focused on strengthening competencies.

The metrics reported on INSIGHT Health Professional have been calibrated to measure the health professional mindset and reasoning skills.  Based on responses, we identify how decisions were made and measure the application of reasoning skills and mindset.

Strengths and weaknesses are clearly reported for each following key components of critical thinking:


Health Professional Mindset

  • Truthseeking
  • Open-mindedness
  • Analyticity
  • Confidence in Reasoning
  • Systematicity
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Maturity of Judgment

  OVERALL Reasoning Skill

  •  Analysis
  •  Interpretation
  •  Inference
  •  Evaluation
  •  Explanation
  •  Induction
  •  Deduction
  •  Numeracy

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