INSIGHT Health: Tools to Improve Critical Thinking

INSIGHT Health: Tools to Improve Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking Should be an Integral Part of Your Healthcare Culture

Critical thinking in healthcare is not just for nurses and nursing school applicants.  It is an indispensable competency for medical practitioners and allied health professionals; this includes physicians, surgeons, dentists and pharmacists to dental hygienists, diagnostic medical sonographers, dietitians, caseworkers, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, radiographers, respiratory therapists, medical technicians, speech-language pathologists, and many others.

Critical thinking is a requisite skill for health care, as recognized by professional associations, in multiple medical disciplines, based on scientific evidence and research.

Staffing is a complex endeavor in healthcare.  Both a high-quality patient-facing and administrative staff is vital. While there are different areas of expertise, everyone, whatever their job or level of responsibility, must have the capability and motivation required for solving problems and decision-making. Critical thinking skills and a lifelong learning mindset (which supports critical thinking through the willingness to adapt as new information and best practices evolve), are equally necessary to deliver the best patient care.

That’s why critical thinking is a priority throughout many medical institutions.  A strong foundation of reasoning skills and enthusiasm for learning makes it possible to maintain well-prepared teams, at all levels of a healthcare organization.

Assessments for Health Professionals

High-stakes practice settings require critically important decisions being made every day.  Seeking to assemble a health care team able to anticipate problem, avert errors and make good judgments in challenging contexts? Use INSIGHT Health to prioritize strength in critical thinking and lifelong learning mindset attributes when you hire and promote staff members in all departments.

Health care systems including hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and medical schools utilize INSIGHT assessments for hiring and placement, for employee development initiatives and building strong teams.

INSIGHT Health offers a complete array of comprehensive solutions designed to test patient-facing and business staff. INSIGHT assessments have been calibrated to measure and provide metrics for the professional work ethic and crucial reasoning skills required for success, at different levels of responsibility. Each validated, research-based INSIGHT assessment provides data that predicts licensure, aids admissions, and supports hiring.

Easy to administer, available online, individual and group results are sent within minutes of the completion of the assessment. 

Tools to Improve Critical Thinking in Healthcare


Assessments for Patient Care Providers

Assessments for Senior Administration

  • INSIGHT Executive: Business leadership,  management, and executives, accountable for corporate strategy.

Assessments for Medical Center Business Operations and Non-Patient Facing Staff

  • INSIGHT Business Professional: Mid-level leadership, highly skilled staff members, with independent responsibilities.
  • INSIGHT Business StaffPermanent, experienced and trusted core staff; may supervise, train and lead other members of their team; often operating key technology or machinery.
  • INSIGHT Support Staff with well-defined operational support functions, duties, or tasks such as clerical, dietary and housekeeping; also includes temporary, seasonal, or highly supervised staff.

Assessments for Legal Departments

Specialized needs?  Contact us.

INSIGHT Assessment Turnkey Solutions

The demonstration of competent clinical reasoning is widely mandated for the accreditation of professional training programs and for the oversight of health care delivery. INSIGHT Health provides a comprehensive assessment and training program.

For the past decade, INSIGHT Health has become integral to the admission/assessment of students and working professionals in health science education programs and medical centers. Our products are supplied throughout the United States and, increasingly, internationally, in all medical specialties, helping to achieve better outcomes.  You need a workforce able to perform to your practice standards and professional guidelines, able to advance care and minimize harm. 

Add the power of INSIGHT Health online reasoning skills assessments to your recruitment. Join our many long-term clients who have transformed their health care service delivery teams into  ones capable of high-performance reasoning and decision-making.

Creating an environment that fosters critical thinking in healthcare starts with assessing the critical thinking and lifelong learning of undergraduate students and job candidates.  It continues with ongoing training and professional development through the INSIGHT Development Program (IDP) focused on improving these necessary skills and attributes. 

INSIGHT Development Program provides efficient, effective, online training focusing on the thinking skills & mindset attributes most needed in your organization. It can easily be integrated into your current assessment and training processes. It offers a series of self-directed online critical thinking skills and lifelong learning mindset enrichment modules with accompanying exercises, assessment metric access, and performance reporting tools.

Insight Assessment offers the tools and resources that you require to improve the quality of practice, throughout an healthcare organization.

Call us today at 650-697-5628. 

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