INSIGHT Executive Metrics

Measure what matters: decision-making skills and mindset

Build a leadership team with the clear vision of what is coming and the insight to guide your company to reach its goals.

The metrics reported on INSIGHT Executive have been calibrated to measure the executive mindset and decision skills. Based on responses, we identify how decisions were made and measure the application of thinking skills and mindset. Strengths and weaknesses are clearly reported for each following decision skills:

 Executive Mindset                                               

  • Driven:  committed to the vigorous pursuit of professional excellence, with a consuming internal demand to achieve the vision of the organization.
  • Discerning: displays courage and objectivity in decision making; when making difficult decisions, they tend to ask the tough questions, to follow reasons and evidence wherever they lead, and to give due consideration to competing points of view.
  • Honorable:  conducts themselves with integrity, honesty, ethics and truthfulness in communication and behavior.
  • Foresightful: alert to potential difficulties, always striving to foresee consequences, ready to use reasoning and fact finding to resolve difficulties and foreseeable problems.
  • Judicious: displays maturity and thoughtfulness in decision making, recognizing that some problems are ill-structured, that often there is more than one reasonable option, and that poor decisions should be dispassionately revisited.
  • Incisive:  capable of making those strategic decisions that are tough but necessary to achieve the organization’s mission.
  • Tolerant: respects diversity in the workplace, including showing due respect for different perspectives, opinions, and suggestions.
  • Innovative: has an appetite for innovation, sees change as an opportunity for growth, is a resilient agent of change in fast paced or fluid environments.
  • Motivational: capable of inspiring an entire organization, moving it forward with enthusiasm and energy, motivating others to give their best.
  • Professional: limits socializing to that which is necessary to get the job done and to take an appropriate and professional approach to social interactions at work. Professionalism is vital to maintaining a proper focus on work responsibilities, facilitating collaboration, and providing positive leadership.

Executive Decision Skills

  • Identify critical factors which will affect the outcome of a decision: A strongly skilled decision-maker requires excellent analytical and interpretive skills to determine the issues that must be addressed and accounted for in the deliberative and implementation phases.
  • Evaluate options accurately and establish priorities: Effective leaders must be able to evaluate the quality of alternatives and explain the reasons behind that evaluation.
  • Anticipate outcomes and see logical consequences: In order to see the applications and the implications of regulations, policies, basic assumptions, core principles and protocols which both shape and constrain decision making, strong strategists must draw logical inferences in precisely defined and tightly structured contexts.
  • Navigate risk and uncertainty: Successful managers must be able to see the most probable and best justified inferences to draw in contexts where the information given may be uncertain or ambiguous, or where the best inference is not a foregone conclusion.
  • Reason well in contexts requiring quantitative analysis:  Leaders must be able to analyze, interpret and evaluate vital information that is presented in charts, graphs, text or tables; they must understand what the numbers mean and how they impact options.
  • Overall Decision Skills:  the integration of thinking and reasoning skills to address business leadership decision making at the senior management level.

Measure the decision skills and mindset leaders need to achieve company goals






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