INSIGHT Development Program

INSIGHT Development Program

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INSIGHT Development Program is a turn-key training solution for learning & development of the core skills and lifelong learning mindset of strong critical thinkers.   The online modules with accompanying exercises include access to an integrated assessment metric as well as performance reporting tools.

Better thinking, better results

Based upon decades of research in critical thinking, Insight Assessment has identified the abilities and attitudes necessary for high stakes decision-making in the corporate world.  These comprehensive online modules and exercises were developed for L&D workshops, throughout the world.  The program is designed to build critical thinking, throughout your organization, in teams as well as in individuals.

You need strong critical thinkers with a lifelong learning mindset to anticipate issues and take preventive steps. To be research-based, outcome-driven and business-focused. Able to find, clarify and resolve complex problems. To be flexible, creative, and adaptable when facing impromptu changes. Able to communicate ideas, priorities, and results to all levels of your organization.

INSIGHT Development Program is your solution for facilitating a culture of critical thinking to support your business goals.

Use as independent study or incorporate into existing training programs

Available online, 24/7, the modules are written in a user-friendly, conversational tone, keeping viewers engaged and interested.  Each module targets a specific skill or habit of mind. Definitions, personal and workplace examples, and suggestions for improvement are featured.  Reflective mental exercises are also supplied to further apply what is being learned.

High quality, yet cost effective, content

INSIGHT Development Program improves decision-making skills and fosters lifelong learning at work. The flexible, self-directed structure allows employees to learn at their own pace.  It can be offered in either a module progressive format or the more popular option of controlled assignments.

INSIGHT Development is a unique integration of assessment and development.

The Program includes:

1) A series of modules targeted to strengthen an individual’s thinking characteristics, and

2) The use of the corresponding INSIGHT assessment with individual reports utilized for individual professional development, continuous improvement initiatives, talent identification and other quality improvement initiatives.

The outcome: improved employee performance

Invest in the training and assessment of critical thinking where your ROI is better decisions, made every day.

Call us today at 650-697-5628 or contact us to gain the benefits of integrating thinking training into your employee development programs.


Mid Career Executive of Multinational Corporation provides testimonial for INSIGHT Development Program

Online Critical Thinking Training Modules

Available for the first time outside of workshops, INSIGHT Development Program presents a suite of proven critical thinking training modules designed to improve thinking and decision-making.

Using an approachable conversational tone, modules focus on core critical thinking skills and mindset attributes required for success in business, professional and personal life.

Scenarios, examples and reflective mental exercises in these modules center on the workplace. However, these skills and attributes also apply to problems and decisions in all aspects of life.

Maximize your investment in education

INSIGHT Development Program offers employees and adult learners a positive opportunity to personally focus on self-improvement in skills valued by their employer.

The turn-key program is designed to be used as an independent learning study but can also be used to supplement existing training programs. Delivered online 24/7, the flexible structure permits employees to work at their own pace, controlling their time on task and progress.

Modules do not require specific content knowledge. This makes the program valuable as a new hire onboarding tool. Current employees also benefit from these professional development and quality improvement tools.

Each critical thinking training module requires approximately 30-60 minutes. Modules feature application of targeted skills and mindset attributes to genuine workplace decisions and problems.

INSIGHT Development Program includes three series of modules:


The Big Picture

The introductory module clarifies the definition of critical thinking, demonstrates the importance of critical thinking, and differentiates between the skills dimension and the mindset dimension of critical thinking.

  • The Workplace Power of Critical Thinking
  • Decision-Making Traps and Releases

Decision Skills Series

The development modules in the Decision Skills Series stimulate a better understanding of the impact of problem solving skills and provide strategies to avoid common errors.

Modules focus on problem analysis, evaluating alternatives as well as interpreting and assessing explanations and choices. Reasoning in precise and in ambiguous contexts and applying critical thinking to numerical information are also included.

Examples of topics covered in decision skills modules include:

  • Getting the Problem Right
  • Clarifying Communication and Spotting Nonsense
  • Analyzing Spoken Arguments
  • “This -is-Like-That” Reasoning
  • “Top-Down” Reasoning Skills
  • “Bottom-Up” Reasoning Skills
  • Comparing “This-is-Like-That”, “Top-Down” and “Bottom-Up” Reasoning
  • Logically Precise Reasoning
  • Reasoning in Ambiguous Contexts
  • Evaluating Alternatives
  • Evaluating Credibility
  • Reasoning in Quantitative Contexts

Thinking Mindset Series

Graphic listing seven critical thinking habits of mind

The modules in the Thinking Mindset Series focus on the personal attributes that support strength in reasoning and decision-making.

Each critical thinking training module focuses on one or more very distinct attributes, each of which are valued by employers, community groups, and everyone who works on decision teams. The modules address the willingness to engage problems and to make decisions using strong critical thinking.

Examples of topics covered in decision skills modules include:

  • Fostering a Positive Critical Thinking Mindset
  • Foresightful, Driven, and Organized      
  • Truth-Seeking, Judicious, and Trustful of Reason
  • Committed, Dependable, and Honorable
  • Adaptable, Resourceful, and Inventive
  • Motivational, Open-Minded, and Professional 

A practical independent learning program to improve critical thinking

INSIGHT Development Program modules provide strategies to improve the ability to reason through problems to discover workable solutions.

It is a self-improvement process that uses practical steps for individuals to improve their critical thinking.  As participants progress through the modules, they see the value of improving thinking skills and avoiding common reasoning errors. The motivation to use critical thinking skills to make sound decisions is reinforced.

Critical thinking is the factor that most impacts your company success. An investment in critical thinking training pays off. Contact us if you are ready to focus your learning and development programs on improving employee skills.

Better decision-making leads to better results.

Need to improve employee thinking skills?


Critical thinking training, learning and development is the answer.

Strong critical thinkers make fewer mistakes, understand the importance of following policies, and drive innovation.

Need to fill a quality gap in employee thinking skills? Seeking better problem solving, decision-making, risk analysis or solution identification from your workforce?

Identifying effective ways to improve thinking skills, company-wide, however, can be difficult.

A training program that can actually improve thinking skills

The best solutions include engaging high-quality content, easy implementation; and built-in evaluation systems.

INSIGHT Development Program is based on over 30 years of expertise in evaluating critical thinking, in a self-learning module format.

The INSIGHT Development program was designed to build critical thinking in teams as well as individuals.  From upper management to front-line staff, online training modules help employers strengthen critical thinking skills and mindset, at all levels. These modules can be offered as self-directed curriculum or to supplement existing L&D programs.

Insight Assessment strives to provide the solutions that advance thinking worldwide.  We have been the trusted leader in critical thinking improvement since the 1990s. Consultants have utilized our research, for decades, in workshops. Our critical thinking assessments are applied, globally, and we provide a broad range of supplemental training resources.

Workers sitting at tables, looking at large computer monitors

11 more reasons to choose INSIGHT Development Program

Why is INSIGHT Development program a superior training tool?

  1. It is a cost-effective, validated, self-paced program designed to improve critical thinking skills of individuals and teams.
  2. The training is based on recognized definitions of essential core critical thinking skills and mindset attributes required for success in business, professional and personal life.
  3. The online program is available 24/7 worldwide as an independent study by employees.
  4. This suite of modules focuses on the real-world application of specific of thinking skills and mindset in the workplace.
  5. Modules utilize practical, real life situations to illustrate the importance of specific skills and mindsets in personal and professional life. Common reasoning weaknesses are identified.
  6. INSIGHT Development Program features a unique integration of assessment and development.  An analysis of skills and mindset attributes using our industry leading assessments is included for each trainee.
  7. Validated metrics permit validation of the success of the training program. Trainees receive the opportunity to focus on self -improvement in skills they personally value.
  8. Complementary assessments can be used as a pretest to identify areas of strength and target areas needing improvement. Assessments can also be used as a posttest to validate improvement after training is completed. If both pretest and posttest are desired, an additional assessment can be purchased.
  9. Training can be offered in voluntary or by assignment mode.
  10. Secure access to assessments is facilitated by Insight Assessment.
  11. Skilled assessment specialists can help you integrate INSIGHT Development Program into HR processes. Professional development, quality improvement, talent development and team-building programs all benefit from focusing on better reasoning skills.

Invest in improving employee critical thinking skills

Company success depends upon your workers being able to identify opportunities and move forward confidently. But before you can trust employees to solve problems, however, you need to be sure that they will make the right decisions to grow your company.

You need to know:
  • The strength of the critical thinking skills that your employees bring to problem solving;
  • Whether employees have the motivation and focus to determine the optimal solution;
  • How to build stronger decision-making in your teams.

Call us at 650-697-5628 to gain the benefits of integrating thinking training into your employee development programs.


3 effective strategies to improve employee performance and productivity

The most effective way to improve staff performance is to focus on the quality of individual and group decision-making. The overall goal should be to improve employee decision-making skills.

Widespread quality improvements result when employee decision-making is evaluated, trained and developed. 

1.  Make a commitment to improve decision-making skills company wide

Prioritize strong decision-making skills in order to maximize potential and reduce risks of errors.  

  • Fewer mistakes are made when employees approach problems and decisions with the ability to analyze problems, evaluate options, anticipate consequences and apply numerical data.
  • Efficiency and productivity will improve because risks can be anticipated and errors reduced.
  • Analytical approaches can lead to product and systemic improvements.
  • Minimum thinking standards can be set for future hiring and promotions.
  • Objective data can guide how work is assigned; staff development programs can be instituted.
  • Make a commitment to improve quality, develop talent, hire smart.

2.  Integrate thinking metrics into talent spotting and skills development

It is possible to identify the best thinkers, promote wisely, recognize thoughtful approaches to decision-making and to plan for future leadership.

High quality, reliable assessment data is necessary to assess employee potential for development and growth. Thinking skills and mindset typically don’t appear on performance evaluations. They should be. The quality of decisions about customer service, production tolerances, goal setting, risk evaluation, implementation of changes etc directly impact success.

Objective individual and group thinking skills reports are powerful tools.  Analysis about individual employee reasoning strengths and challenges enables managers to objectively match employee skills and talents to job responsibilities. Insights about an employee’s ability to work with numerical data, commitment, desire to learn and professionalism are highly relevant.

Focus training on improving decision-making.  Objective thinking metrics enable companies to efficiently target training and professional development programs.  Training that focuses on problem-solving skills directly impacts your company overall success by reducing errors.  Training to improve employee decision-making is valuable for individuals, teams and at the company wide level.  High quality online training offers the ability to target specific areas of weakness and support strengths.

3.  Hire smart: Prescreen for thinking skills

Companies invest in their future when they require hiring people with strong thinking skills. 

Hiring smart is the first step to improving employee performance. Every hiring decision is high stakes.  New hires who are fast learners, strong thinkers and problem-solvers will more quickly be productive. Every unsuccessful employee costs money, time and missed opportunities. Companies typically try to reduce risk by first establishing basic requirements (experience, education and skills). After filtering out those who do not meet standards, they can identify and interview the remaining top talent.

Proactive companies understand the consequences of bad decisions, short-sighted problem solving and erroneous risk assessment.  They don’t waste time and human capital screening mediocre applicants to find the essential skills and mindset. They use prescreening tools for an objective summary of the candidate’s core reasoning skills. They require an evaluation of the candidate’s tendency to make decision making mistakes.  Equally important is an assessment of the mindset attributes and disciplines demonstrated by successful, contributing team members.

Improve employee performance: see the impact

Good thinkers produce more revenue, anticipate client needs, make fewer errors and drive the growth of your company.

In summary: proactive companies know that the bottom line is impacted every day by the decisions made by employees at every responsibility.

Tools to improve employee performance

You need powerful tools to build a strong and effective employee base in which strong reasoning skills are valued and mobilized to maximize profit and products. INSIGHT solutions for business success include comprehensive training tools and validated assessments used worldwide.

INSIGHT business assessments are calibrated to measure 15 core components of thinking skill & mindset that are required for professional success.  Reliable objective data is key to achieving your goal of improving employee performance by improving thinking and reasoning skills.

INSIGHT Development Program delivers a comprehensive, effective and well-established approach to strengthening employee decision-making and problem solving. Our clients use INSIGHT Development Program to achieve the goal of better thinking throughout their organization.  An investment in building reasoning capabilities in new hires and current staff pays off in better performance.  The assessment and critical thinking training modules can be integrated into your training programs or can be implemented as new initiative.

We offer premium business testing and employee development solutions, targeted to your specific needs. Our high quality test instruments, automatic online delivery mode, and outstanding customer service make large scale adoptions cost effective. Our reports give you the ability to apply objective metrics to your needs.  Start building your future.  

Contact Insight Assessment for the tools you need to start improving employee job performance and productivity.

Outsmart–and out think–your competition with Insight Assessment.

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