INSIGHT Defense Professional

INSIGHT Defense Professional

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INSIGHT Defense Professional is calibrated for officers, senior NCOs, and civilian managers with operational planning and leadership responsibilities in staff or line positions.


Identify highly skilled individuals with the professional mindset and critical thinking skills to provide leadership across the full range of professional military and defense related field operations.

Leadership Thinking Assessment

In 2013 critical thinking was specifically identified as one of the six Desired Leadership Attributes for officers (CJCS CM-0166-13) and in 2015 critical thinking was included in the DLAs for enlisted (CJCSI 1805.01B). The development of critical thinking skills and mindset attributes has become a priority for PME. And, it makes the objective assessment of those skills and attributes a necessity.

Like the MDCTI upon which this instrument is based, the INSIGHT Defense Professional provides a valid, reliable, objective, and cost-effective means by which to assess the thinking mindset and reasoning skills that are essential for leadership, problem solving, and decision making.

Talent Spotting and Development

Organizations engaged in the defense of the nation must be confident in the ability of individuals and teams to solve complex problems and make decisions in contexts of risk and uncertainty. INSIGHT Defense Professional test items are set in professional practice contexts that challenge test takers to apply their reasoning skills.  Comprehensive individual reports enable test administrators to:

  • Quickly screen the thinking skills and mindset of candidates for new positions
  • Foster sound decision making skills and professionalism competencies at all organizational levels
  • Proactively identify strengths and weaknesses in the key skills and attributes that are used to make operational leadership decisions
  • Identify current skill levels and project an individual’s potential fit for future leadership responsibilities

Grounded in Science and Consultation

The science of human cognitive assessment tells us that the valid and objective measurement of skills and mindset attributes demands questions that engage a person’s reasoning skills and address the person’s values, intentions, and beliefs.

Working with the advice and support of leaders and experts, civilian and military, retired and active, of the US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Army, US Navy and Joint Special Operations, the test items used in the INSIGHT Defense instruments were built upon that assessment science.

This two-part instrument targets core critical thinking skills and key personal attributes associated with successfully engaging complex and novel problems and making thoughtful decisions about what to believe and what to do.

INSIGHT Defense Professional is a complete solution; it provides valuable objective metrics for the pre screening evaluations of applicants and new employees, and for ongoing staff development programs focused on strengthening decision making competencies.  Assessments are easily administered via our secure, encrypted, online, multi-lingual interface.

INSIGHT Defense Professional measures:

Defense Professional Mindset

  • INSIGHT Defense Professional Part 1 – Mindset assesses ten mental disciplines and attributes relevant to the expression of thought and to one’s style of interaction in decision making and professional contexts: Communicative Confidence, Professional Confidence, Peer Expression, Teamwork, Directness with Superiors, Intellectual Integrity, Mental Focus, Mental Rigor, Foresight, and Cognitive Maturity. Each of these ten has been identified as desirable in officers, senior NCOs, and civilian managers with operational planning and field leadership responsibilities in staff or line positions. To determine whether a person manifests these important attributes INSIGHT Defense Professional surveys the person’s beliefs and attitudes.  The person’s responses are gathered, sorted, and scored to produce a profile of the thinking mindset with which the person approaches problem solving and decision making. Each mindset attribute is then characterized as not-manifested, positive, or strongly positive
  • Time Allowed: 30 minutes
  • Format: short “Agree-Disagree” style items

Defense Professional Reasoning Skills

  • INSIGHT Defense Professional Part 2 – Skills is an objective measure of the core reasoning skills used in thoughtful leadership decision making and problem solving. Six skill metrics are reported:  Overall Reasoning Skills (Critical Thinking), Reasoning in Ambiguous Contexts, Reasoning in Precise Contexts, Problem Analysis, Quantitative Reasoning, and Evaluative Reasoning.Questions on the skills portion of INSIGHT Defense Professional challenge test takers to apply their thinking skills. The scenarios provide the context and the vital information needed to reason to the best option. The skills evaluated, in addition to an overall rating, are specific skills in analyzing situations, determining impacts, projecting outcomes, evaluating options, and explaining reasons. Sufficient information is presented to enable the test-taker to reason to the best answer from among the choices provided.
  • Time Allowed: 60 minutes
  • Format: scenario-based multiple choice items

Contact us 

Our assessment specialists will be glad to discus how to use  INSIGHT Defense Professional for applicant screening, professional development, or program evaluation in your organization.

INSIGHT Logo: critical thinking skills assessments for Business, Health, Defense, Science & Engineering, Law, Educators, First Responders, INSIGHT Defense Professional is a member of the INSIGHT Defense suite of thinking tests. INSIGHT features additional customized professional level assessments: INSIGHT Health Professional, INSIGHT Educator Professional, INSIGHT Law Professional, INSIGHT Science and Engineering, INSIGHT First Responder and INSIGHT Defense Professional.

Target highly skilled individuals with the professional mindset and the critical thinking skills needed for leadership decision making and problem solving.

The metrics reported on INSIGHT Defense Professional have been rigorously calibrated to measure the professional mindset and reasoning skills.  Part 1 items invite agree-disagree responses to statement prompts engineered to target mindset attributes. Part 2 questions present complex, multi-layer situations. In order to respond successfully to the problems posed, individuals must apply their reasoning skills to the information provided and determine the best response from among those provided.  Based on responses to part 1 and part 2, we identify how the intensity of the various mindset factors with which test taker approaches problem situations and the strengths of the different reasoning skills that the test taker is able to apply.

Defense Professional Mindset – 10 Measures

  • Communicative Confidence
  • Professional Confidence
  • Peer Expression
  • Teamwork
  • Directness
  • Intellectual Integrity
  • Mental Focus
  • Mental Rigor
  • Foresight
  • Cognitive Maturity

Defense Professional Reasoning Skill  – Six Measures

  • OVERALL Reasoning Skill (Critical Thinking)
  • Reasoning in Ambiguous Contexts
  • Reasoning in Precise Contexts
  • Problem Analysis
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Evaluative Reasoning


Two soldiers discussing options

What do you get?

Relevant, easy to read, easy to use results.


All INSIGHT solutions feature customized professional assessments and comprehensive metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of 15 key aspects of decision making.

Employee assessments include INSIGHT Business, INSIGHT Health, INSIGHT Law, INSIGHT First Responder, INSIGHT Defense, INSIGHT Educator and INSIGHT Science and Engineering.  INSIGHT Development Program includes access to an assessment metric and performance reporting tools.

Clear concise reports provide the reliable data analysis you need for hiring, promoting, training and future planning.

INDIVIDUAL REPORTS document strengths and areas for growth

For each individual you will know:

  • Overall score: You will know if the total numeric score indicates Superior, Strong, Moderate skills at this level– or if the skills were Not Manifested.
  • Did the individual candidate demonstrate core critical thinking skills in the required decision-making domains?  Reports explain each of the key aspects of decision making and how it impacts success. At a glance, you’ll see a qualitative rating (Superior, Strong skills, Moderate, or Not Manifested) for each skill or attribute.
  • Numerical scores and recommended performance assessments reflect the extent to which the person being assessed manifested a given skill or attribute.  The recommended performance assessments (qualitative scores) reported are always relative to the level of the INSIGHT assessment instrument: Executive, Professional, Staff or Support.

GROUP REPORTS for team assessment, ranking candidates, talent identification

  • Group reports display aggregated statistics and bar-charts on each INSIGHT metric. These reports have many uses including guiding employee development initiatives over time, comparing different groups engaged in similar tasks at a given organizational level or aiding in the establishment of threshold skill levels to qualify candidates for interviews.

Critical Thinking skills and mindset evaluated

  • INSIGHT assessments include two sets of evaluations;  Section 1 assesses 10 aspects of the business employee mindset. Section 2 assesses 5 decision making skills plus the overall numeric score. The multi-level scales on INSIGHT products have been rigorously calibrated to show how applicants apply their reasoning skills to job-related situations.

Fast results  

  • INSIGHT assessments are available whenever needed 24/7. Upon completion of the assessment, we can have results sent directly to you or your authorized representative.

Options. You tell us what data you need:

  • Do you want to show your top performers?
  • Do you want group statistics, group graphics, ratings within assigned groups?
  • Do you want periodic reports summarizing results?
  • Do you want the individual to see or receive a copy of the report directly?
  • Do you want to benchmark your results against national norms?

Confidence in your results: proven, validated, used worldwide

INSIGHT is the culmination of Insight Assessment’s 30 years of experience in high impact measurement of reasoning.  Worldwide clients rely on our comprehensive range of assessment products to provide the data they need to make important objective decisions about hiring, admissions, licensing, curriculum, program development and more.

Why wait? Distance yourself from your competition. Contact us today.  We can get you started in 24 hours.


Click to see a sample INSIGHT Business Individual Reasoning Skills Report


Contact us today to learn more about our evidence-based solutions and tools.



Superior assessment & training support

Every step of INSIGHT Client Services,  from purchase and adoption through product delivery and reporting, has been designed to ensure that you get the solution you need.

For over 30 years we have been providing superior assessment solutions and training. We specialize in cost effective, full service solutions for measuring decision making skills and mindset attributes.

INSIGHT clients stay with us because they receive undeniable value for their assessment programs.

INSIGHT Client Services provide solutions

  • Better Client  Service, More Customer Confidence in Results—personalized consultations on test selection and logistics through delivery and analysis of results.
  • HR Friendly Support—assistance is provided to assist in the integration of the assessment and improvement of thinking skills and mindset into HR procedures.
  • Ease of Use—Insight Assessment manages logins/passwords, assignments; all you need to do is tell us when and how many individuals you will be testing or training. Tech support is available 24/7.
  • More Reliability, Less Effort and Risk for Your Staff—Secure online testing is available 24x7x365 with our multilingual delivery options. Our online system provides the option of taking our assessments and training on virtually any device. The online test-taker interface is easy to use, data encrypted and flexible.
  • More Metrics, Easier to Use—results delivered within minutes providing comprehensive analytical data on the strengths and weaknesses of test taker thought processes.
  • More Well-Reasoned Decisions, Fewer Errors—prioritizing good thinking reduces poor problem analysis and missed opportunities, increasing performance and efficiency of individuals and teams.
  • Validated, Objective Data, Less File Filler—specific individual and group report data that is applicable for hiring, talent development, focused professional development initiatives, program evaluation.
  • More Business Context, More Relevance—three dimensional scenarios and business situations are linked to specialized metrics which indicate the critical elements of reasoning required to function in corporate positions.
  • More Accurate Data, Better Reportsmeasurements provided for Overall Thinking plus 15 core problem solving skills and mental disciplines that impact how decisions are made.
  • More Options, Better Fit with Your Needs—test instruments calibrated for business, academic, health care, defense and legal organizations; available in more than 20 languages.

INSIGHT clients depend on us to manage the process from account setup and support to quick and confidential delivery of results.   Our testing specialists will help you get the data needed to develop effective employees.

Call us at 650-697-5628 or contact us today


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As a qualified purchaser, we offer the option of purchasing a preview of the assessment experience.

A preview provides you with one or more opportunities to view and experience the assessment from the perspective of the individual being assessed and to see the reporting options.

Your account representative will set up your preview of the instrument on mobile devices or on computers. The preview includes the profile page, an example of the assessment itself, and an example of the individual report that will be provided at completion of the assessment.

Each preview also includes a digital copy of the user manual and resource guide for the specific instrument you are viewing. User manuals provide:

  • a brief description of each metric being assessed by the instrument;
  • a description of how to interpret both individual and group assessment results;
  • a discussion of validity and reliability for the measures;
  • all necessary information about administration of the assessment;
  • many additional resources that we hope you will find useful for designing your assessment project.

Contact us to order a preview now, or receive your preview when you place your first order for assessments.


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