The CJCS have determined that leadership at all levels requires individuals and teams that are able to evaluate options anticipate problems, prepare for contingencies, and take action to achieve mission objectives even in situations of risk and uncertainty.  INSIGHT Defense  assessments measure the essential leadership mindset and reasoning skills, including critical thinking at all levels of your organization.

INSIGHT Defense:  Customized solutions for all your staffing needs

Field Operations

  • INSIGHT Defense Professional: Officers, senior NCOs, and civilian managers with operational planning and leadership responsibilities in staff or line positions.
  • INSIGHT Defense Staff: Skilled enlisted and civilian personnel with tactical planning and leadership responsibilities required to achieve the intended command objectives.

Senior Leadership

  • INSIGHT Executive:  Senior executives with a broad span of control and strategic responsibilities at the highest levels of an organization.

Business Operations

  • INSIGHT Business Professional: Business Professionals: Middle level leadership, highly skilled staff members, with independent responsibilities.
  • INSIGHT Business StaffCore staff: Permanent, experienced and trusted staff; may supervise, train and lead other members of their team; often have access to key technology or machinery.
  • INSIGHT Support Support staff with well-defined operational support functions, duties or tasks; temporary, seasonal or highly supervised staff.

Legal Departments

Build strong leadership teams

Defense contractors and military organization use INSIGHT assessments for hiring and placement, for employee development initiatives and to build strong leadership teams.

INSIGHT assessment instruments offer a complete array of customized, comprehensive solutions. Each INSIGHT assessment has been calibrated to measure and provide metrics for the professional mindset and essential reasoning skills required for success at the targeted levels of responsibility

Detailed and easy to understand individual and group results can be forwarded electronically to your test administrator, and at your discretion to the test taker, within minutes of the completion of the assessment.

INSIGHT Logo: critical thinking skills assessments for Business, Health, Defense, Science & Engineering, Law, Educators, First Responders, INSIGHT Defense is a member of the INSIGHT suite of thinking tests.  INSIGHT Defense provides an array of assessments for leaders with duties related to the defense of the nation.  The INSIGHT suite includes instruments calibrated for specifically for employees of business, health, law, science and engineering, defense, first responders and education specializations.


New for Training and Professional Development:

Mini-Courses:  Mindset Boosters, Skill Builders, and Deep Dives, each focused on specific aspects of reasoning, decision-making, and leadership. 100% online. Available to  individuals for purchase directly from our Store at Insight Basecamp, and to organizations to purchase multiple licenses at discounted bulk rates.  Begin to strengthen critical thinking in as little as one hour.


Contact us today to create the INSIGHT solution that will strengthen your entire organization.


INSIGHT – Assess and train the thinking mindset and reasoning skills that move organizations forward.


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