INSIGHT Business Professional Available in Spanish

INSIGHT Business Professional
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Insight Assessment is pleased to announce that INSIGHT Business Professional is now available in Spanish. This secure, encrypted business thinking and mindset assessment can be accessed through our flexible app-based multilingual test taker interface.  The Spanish version recently premiered at a business workshop in Mexico City.

Our business assessments are essential tools for hiring and talent development processes throughout the United States and internationally.  INSIGHT Business Professional presents complex multilayer job-related situations that require test takers to make decisions about the next steps to resolve a dilemma. Comprehensive individual reports document strengths and weaknesses in fifteen core components of decision making.

Insight Assessment specializes in high quality culturally-appropriate translations of our copyright-protected, research-based tools. Authorized translations are used globally in more than 20 languages and over 60 countries.

If your company is interested in improving leadership decision making, contact Insight Assessment to learn about the benefits of our objective online objective assessments of 5 essential business professional reasoning skills and 10 mindset attributes needed at work.

INSIGHT Business Professional está disponible en español.

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