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Insight Assessment provides assessment solutions which are single, time-limited instrument use licenses and the related scoring and score reporting services.


Test use licenses, whether for electronic testing or paper and pencil administration, expire 1 year (12 months) after the date of purchase as shown on the invoice. One license to use a test by any means provided, whether by paper or via electronic gateway, (e.g. the Insight Assessment website interface, client LMS, or Insight Assessment personal device app) permits one individual to be tested one time with one test. An electronic test license is considered to have been used when the test questions are downloaded, even if the test taker does not elect to submit responses for scoring. A license for paper-and-pencil administration includes the one time use of a test booklet and a CapScore™ answer form, and is considered to have been used when an answer form is marked and returned for scoring.

Use licenses apply only to Insight Assessment testing materials and their Insight Assessment authorized translations. Insight Assessment reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without the obligation of prior notice or explanation, not to honor requests to purchase licenses to use its instruments and the right to refuse requests to process scoring or to report scores, regardless of the source of such requests. Customer purchase order or valid credit card must be on file for non-prepaid orders. Customer acknowledges, agrees, and authorizes Insight Assessment to charge customer’s on file credit card without additional notification for the full balance due on customer’s past due invoices. All sales are final.

Scoring is done by Insight Assessment only. The only agency authorized to score and to report scores on Insight Assessment instruments is Insight Assessment. Item level information and response keys are proprietary. Assessments must be administered in accord with the instructions provided in the instrument’s User Manual. Insight Assessment reserves the right not to score data derived from assessment uses not properly administered. Client understands that scales structures and item responses are not reported. Clients agree to not duplicate paper answer forms; duplicated answer forms will not be scored. Although the scoring and results are provided by Insight Assessment, all clients and their test takers acknowledges that the interpretation and use of those scores and results is solely the responsibility of the client.

Booklets and answer forms and all related delivery solutions are proprietary business properties of Insight Assessment. All clients and their test-takers agree to insure the security of testing instruments, whether administered through paper-and-pencil or online. Client and client’s test takers agree not to reproduce, copy, replicate, image, or publish in any way any testing instrument in whole or in part, to prohibit others from so doing, and to protect and defend copyright as indicated on Insight Assessment testing materials and online interface. Once used paper testing booklets should be destroyed or returned to Insight Assessment, and answer forms should be sent to Insight Assessment for scoring.

  • Notice: Clients are solely responsible for the transmittal of the original CapScore™ response forms for scoring. It is recommended that clients retain copies of these forms to protect against loss of CapScore™ response forms during shipment for scoring.
  • Notice: Clients are solely responsible for storage of returned CapScore™ results, data and datasets. If requested, Insight Assessment will search its CapScore™ data archives and retrieval datasets for clients. Contact Insight Assessment for cost information. 

Notice: Insight Assessment is not responsible for verifying either the identity of the test taker or the truthfulness or accuracy of demographic or other information as entered by test takers. Insight Assessment is not responsible for the conditions under which tests are administered or taken. Detailed instructions for test administration are published in the assessment manuals which are part of each assessment’s preview pack.

Notice: Clients and test takers are solely responsible for the interpretation and use of assessment scores, survey results, demographic information, or related descriptive information or statistical analyses as may be gathered, displayed, downloaded, or otherwise generated by Insight Assessment. User clients and user test takers agree to hold Insight Assessment, its officers and staff members, individually and jointly, harmless of any liability or responsibility, financial, personal, or otherwise, for the use or the misuse of any Insight Assessment gathered, displayed, analyzed, downloaded, or otherwise generated assessment scores, survey results, demographic information, or related descriptive information. See

Ownership and Use of Data Collected and Stored in the Online Testing Systems or Scores through the CapScore™ System:  Data stored in the online system or CapScore™ system is owned by Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press. Online testing system data are released only to the client who contracted to collect or who collected these data, not to any other individual or agency except as may be required by law. It is the client’s right to download copies of these data for their use. Scored CapScore™ data will be transmitted only to the client or the agent designated by the client on the written CapScore™ Return Form in the format requested (hard copy or electronic files – additional fees may apply to requests for hard copy reports). The responsibility for privacy protection of data downloaded by clients from the Insight Assessment /the California Academic Press testing system or returned as digital files from the CapScore™ system rests entirely with the client. Additional requests by the client for analyses of stored data and the retransmission of these data or these analyses to clients must be prearranged by written request from an authorized individual client or client agency.

Notice: The California Academic Press LLC, d.b.a. Insight Assessment owns the data derived from its online e-testing system and from CapScore™ and uses those data for research purposes such as the development comparison percentiles for various groupings of institutional types on various testing instruments, e.g. “US undergraduate student percentiles on the BCTST.”

Aggregate Information: Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press does not disclosepersonal information associated with any dataset involved in aggregate comparison percentiles for its products. CapScore™ clients are permitted access only to data collected at their own agency by themselves. Data collected by two separate clients at the same agency must be shared by the agency itself. Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press does not undertake consolidation of data even when requested by one of the agency clients unless the request comes from all clients at the agency. This service would constitute a separate contract and require permissions from all involved clients.

  • Our privacy policy prevents publication of the names of institutions whose data are included in each comparison percentile project. Within the aggregated dataset, samples are from liberal arts colleges, land grant institutions, technology institutes, community and technical colleges, schools of the arts, research intensive universities, professional preparation programs, and other educational institution types. The samples are drawn from small and large colleges and universities, both public and private.  In the case of the profession specialized instruments, such as the HSRT or the BCTST, norm samples also strive to represent the various disciplinary areas as possible.

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