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Our commitment to improving thinking

The Insight Assessment team is proud of our contribution to research studies of human reasoning and decision making. We are committed to offering researchers, doctoral students and community service agencies reduced pricing through our internal grant program. 

We have provided discount pricing for the past 30 years for research across the disciplines conducted by non-profit organizations when the aims of the research involves the science of human reasoning, the training of thinking skills and mindset, problem recognition and resolution, risk reduction, or the study of key decision makers.

  • We have provided support in the form of a doctoral discount to more than 400 doctoral students from 60 countries. Most of these doctoral students are now scholars and national leaders holding leadership positions at universities, businesses and government ministries.
  • We have provided research pricing for cognitive scientists and educational researchers, and training professionals who receive peer reviewed research grants from the National Science Foundation, Departments of Defense and Education, and many other professional review agency grants in business, the health sciences, and military science, both in the United States and internationally.
  • We have provided subsidizing grants for customers conducting studies to improve communities, non-profits rehabilitating job candidates, educators of disadvantaged children, project directors studying the effects of peace initiatives and academics studying effective teaching and learning approaches.

Insight Assessment’s internal grant program enables us to provide applicants with our world class instruments to measure the core critical thinking skills and habits of mind, in many languages, well below cost.  All applicants must ensure that they are trained researchers or have the oversight of a dissertation mentor, that they will adhere to ethical standards for the protection of human subjects, and that studies are well designed with the potential to contribute to knowledge.

We celebrate the researchers and doctoral dissertation students around the world who have joined us in the work of developing and evaluating methods to train high stakes reasoning and decision making.

Call us at 650-697-5628 or contact us to discuss your research project.

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