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Sample report image showing group performance on Overall critical thinking

Easy to read, easy to use objective metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of key aspects of thinking.

Insight Assessment clients depend on our high quality test-taker data and clear, concise analytics. They know that our comprehensive reports provide the insights that lead to solutions.

The goal of any testing project should be to obtain high-integrity data that provides specific and relevant information that can further the goals of the individual, program or organization being studied.  Data must be presented in formats that inspire new insights and drive evidence-based decision making. Each Insight Assessment test instrument has been crafted to provide a wide range of information, statistical and demographic, about individuals and/or groups.  Reports,  generated immediately after conclusion of testing, can be used to support advising, placement and research. 

Clients receive the Assessment Report package with the purchase of all testing options.  


The Assessment Report package includes:

  • Insight Assessment individual reportsIndividual test-taker analytics:
    • an overall score of thinking ability (Overall Score)
    • a categorical interpretation of the strength of the Overall Score  and scale scores
    • scale scores to indicate which of the skills areas are particularly strong and which are weaker and require training attention.
    • test administrators control whether test-takers receive their individual results after testing.
  • Group analytics include:
    • descriptive statistics and presentation ready graphic representation of the average Overall score and scale scores for the groupImages from Insight Assessment Group Reports
    • descriptive graphics and representations including  size of the group, mean, median, standard deviation, standard error of the mean, lowest score, highest score, first quartile score and third quartile score. To see video about interpreting group report histograms
    • descriptive statistics of the demographic characteristics of the test-taker group (if collected
    • Electronic data files spreadsheet with all scale scores and demographic responses.
  • User Manual which includes chapters on interpreting individual and group test-taker scores.

Customized Analytic and Report Options include:

  • The Assessment Report package, PLUS:
  • Custom report preparation to address specific  accreditation standards, integration of agency data into self-study reports, preparation of materials for executive briefings, or public presentations
  • Enhanced graphics for reports to funding agencies and stakeholder groups
  • Periodic, in-depth group analysis reports, multi-site analyses, ongoing analyses of group differences.
  • preparation of local or regional norms for group comparison,
  • E-testing automatic PDF push of assessment results to meet your reporting needs.
  • Customized test result delivery when high impact decisions depend on the depth of interpretation of assessment data or its presentation.
  • Ongoing support from Insight Assessment to manage your testing plan and results reporting to match your organization’s needs (Service plan options)

Options for Customized Assessment Reports: 

Insight Assessment clients can customize their results package with additional analyses, graphics, and interpretative text discussing their scores in relationship to their particular goals and objectives. Each customized report package is designed and tailored to best meet your needs. Pricing for customized reporting is individually negotiated.

To see a sample individual report for the California Critical Thinking Skills Test


Contact us to receive objective and relevant results, analytics you can trust.


Whether you wish to assess individuals or groups, Insight Assessment reports provide the data integrity and objective analysis you need to document thinking skills and attributes.


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