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Decisions about how to accommodate test takers with documented disabilities are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Insight Assessment is not aware of any limitation in the accommodations required for disabilities and should be notified should the purchaser discover any.

Suggested strategies for the accommodations of test takers with disabilities include, but are not limited to, allowing the test taker additional time to complete the assessment and reading assessment questions to the test taker. If a reader is used, the reader should not attempt to interpret, explain, or clarify assessment items.

To the extent that the documented disability involves cognitive processes needed for problem analysis and problem solving, there is no appropriate accommodation as the tests themselves are designed to be a measure of relative performance in this regard.

The accommodation of individuals with disabilities does not relieve the customer of the terms and conditions in the sales contract relating to the security of testing instruments: no duplication, capture, copying, digitalization, capture of assessment items as part of an accommodation, nor administration of the assessment through software programs that are not a part of the Insight Assessment testing systems is permitted. No tests may be transferred to other file forms or modalities.

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