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Data Security 

Insight Assessment is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for website users, test takers and clients.

  • Insight Assessment uses encryption technology (including HTTPS and test taker access code technology) in our online systems to safeguard your results, protect the privacy of the test takers, maintain confidentiality and protect the high impact nature of client projects.  Database security and backup procedures are in place to protect all assessment and reporting data.

  • Insight Assessment /the California Academic Press maintains strict adherence to the protection of all personal data collected as a function of the purchase and use of our products in keeping with the concerns about the impact of the expansion of electronic networks on information privacy, and congruent with the ethical considerations of research on human subjects.

  • Assessment construction and validation is conducted under the highest psychometric standards of each type of instrument. General psychometric information is reported in each assessment manual. Limited psychometric information is available to clients for research support purposes.  Translation colleagues are provided with psychometric analyses of their validation sample datasets.  

  • Protection of testing data collected through any Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press electronic and online systems: Access to the client database is undergraduate and graduate level limited to persons at the client organization who have knowledge of the credentials for the client account, and to technical staff at Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press, who provide technical support to the client in their use of our systems. 

    • Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press does due diligence in the protection of access to its database servers, and maintains the highest standards in data protection.

    • The protection of the client’s credential is the responsibility of the client. Changes to the client credentials can be made by the client at any time. Protection of the credentials is the responsibility of the client.

  • Attention to data security also pertains to data collected or transmitted when: 1) establishing client accounts for the purchase of products; 2) processing bank transfers, checks, electronic payments, or purchase orders; 3) providing test taker access to products in electronic or paper-and-pencil format; 4) delivering testing to clients and test takers of clients; 5) the shipment of products; 6) transmission of scores; 7) return of scored assessment forms to clients; 8) assistance to test takers using the online testing system; 9) assisting clients to manage the online testing system.

  • Ownership and Use of Data Collected and Stored in the Online Testing System or Scores through the CapScore™ System:  Data stored in the online system or CapScore™ system is owned by Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press. Online testing system data are released only to the client who contracted to collect or who collected these data, not to any other individual or agency except as may be required by law. It is the client’s right to download copies of these data for their use. Scored CapScore™ data will be transmitted only to the client or the agent designated by the client on the written CapScore™ Return Form in the format requested (hard copy or electronic files – additional fees may apply to requests for hard copy reports).

    • The responsibility for privacy protection of data downloaded by clients from the Insight Assessment /the California Academic Press testing system or returned as digital files from the CapScore™ system rests entirely with the client. Additional requests by the client for analyses of stored data and the retransmission of these data or these analyses to clients must be prearranged by written request from an authorized individual client or client agency.

  • Aggregate Information: Although Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press publishes aggregate comparison percentiles for its products, it does not disclose personal information associated with any dataset involved in this process. CapScore™ clients are permitted access only to data collected at their own agency by themselves. Data collected by two separate clients at the same agency must be shared by the agency itself. Insight Assessment / the California Academic Press does not undertake consolidation of data even when requested by one of the agency clients unless the request comes from all clients at the agency. This service would constitute a separate contract and require permissions from all involved clients.

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