Informed Hiring Decisions Reduce Errors; Assess Thinking

Puzzle pieces with the words vision, analysis, process, solution suggesting critical thinking skills.
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How can companies avoid costly errors?  Make strong reasoning skills a prerequisite for hiring, promotion and staff assessment. 

Errors of judgment are quite expensive, embarrassing and have long-lasting public and financial consequences.  Markets and regulators are not impressed by the error of judgment excuse.   Going forward a company’s credibility and reputation are tarnished.

It is no longer sufficient to develop job descriptions based solely on a combination of education, knowledge and experience required for each job. Outstanding employees are greater than the sum of the lists on their resumes. Interviews provide an opportunity for dialog about past accomplishments, a demonstration of communication skills—and a subjective decision about the qualifications of the candidate.  INSIGHT Business assessments provide the valuable information that is too often missing from current hiring and promotion procedures:  an objective, reliable measurement of the reasoning skills and mental disciplines required for the position

Make informed hiring decisions. INSIGHT provides the answers you need: 

  • Do your employees have the problem solving skills necessary to resolve complex job related issues? How do they think? What are their reasoning strengths and weaknesses?

  • Can they identify and evaluate salient data, assess options, anticipate consequences, evaluate risk, interpret and apply quantitative data?

  • Are they predisposed to make errors of judgment because of sloppy mental disciplines? 

  • What personal habits of mind will they bring to their work?

  • What is their work ethic? What are their motivations and interpersonal skills? Are they honest, tolerant, committed, professional?

  • What are the essential thinking skills employees need to do at their level of responsibility?

  • Can I get data that tells me if employees can benefit from training?

  • How can I make problem solving skills a focus of our talent spotting programs?

With specializations in business, health care, law, defense and education, INSIGHT provides assessments which are calibrated to assess essential reasoning skills and mindsets needed at any level of responsibility within your organization.   Within minutes of test completion, you will receive a comprehensive report for each test-taker including:

  • Results for each of the reasoning skills essential to the job responsibility level.  Strengths and weaknesses are identified.

  • A numeric overall reasoning skill score.

  • An individual profile reporting a comparative/categorical ranking for the ten personal characteristics and habits of mind of effective employees at this level of responsibility.

  • A description of how each reasoning skill and habit of mind impacts job performance

  • The option of printing out a report for the test-taker

When companies have good thinkers, good decisions build business success. Contact us to get started

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