Increase Transfer Student Success

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How do you verify transfer students meet your standards and have the skills to succeed in your coursework?

  • Transfer students are a significant part of student applicant pools. Successful transfer students provide important value for your institution.

Be sure to admit those who are most ready to learn and succeed.

  • Strong critical thinking skills and positive critical thinking habits of mind are vital to success in every academic discipline and major field of study.

Assessing the critical thinking skills and attributes of transfer applicants is an investment that pays off:

  • Optimize Admissions: Accept only incoming students who have the strongest potential to learn and the motivation to complete your program requirements.
  • Strengthen student placement programs: Use comprehensive individual report data to provide guidance on first term course selection and necessary support
  • Increase retention and increase degree completion: Individual reports provide early identification of students who need academic advising, remediation and additional resources
  • Strengthen Support Programs: Develop support programming based on group report data documenting the thinking strengths and weaknesses of class cohorts
  • Document achievement of learning outcomes: pre and posttest comparison provides evidence that students are learning the necessary critical thinking skills to complete degrees

Insight Assessment has validated, proven test instruments that are calibrated to deliver comprehensive reports on strength and weakness of thinking skills and mindset.  College Student Success is calibrated to target the specific reasoning skills and personal mindset known to be predictive of success as a college level transfer or re-entry student.

Contact us to get the data you need to ensure your incoming class includes transfer students ready to learn and succeed.

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