Improve Operational Efficiency by Hiring Strong Thinkers

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Improve operational efficiency and safety for customers and employees

To be successful, business need to adapt to the rapid pace of change, recognizing (and seizing) opportunities to transform the way work is done.  Processes will need to be transformed, teams realigned, and jobs reinvented. Planning can’t wait. This transformation will be effective only if well thought out. Informed decision-making is a priority.

Improving efficiency is a key concern, yet, as always, costs must be kept to a minimum. Strong problem-solving skills and a flexible, committed mindset are required to innovate. That’s why business leaders should focus on the quality of employee thinking.

Identifying and building teams with the thinking skills necessary to meet and overcome current challenges is a cost effective way to improve operational efficiency.

Risks of poor thinking

Employee judgment weaknesses have always cost you money and missed opportunities. Failure to think ahead to anticipate consequences puts operational safety measures at risk.  It is good thinking that drives success and innovation. When your employees are good thinkers, they make better decisions, fewer errors, and they are more productive. Your operational efficiency increases.  Why everyone needs critical thinking.

For stronger business processes, you need to identify and promote good thinkers.

Impact of good thinkers

Effective decision-makers apply strong analytic skills to identify problems and opportunities, evaluate alternatives and anticipate risks. They are able to problem solve in times of uncertainty, and in contexts requiring numerical data.  They have a winning mindset. Driven to succeed; they are committed, honest, focused, adaptable and resourceful.

Every growing business is powered by good decision-makers. These are the people who will identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency—and have the motivational characteristics to make change happen.

Why focus on building decision-making skills

Improving employee thinking is a cost-effective way to invest in the effectiveness of your employees. A focus on decision-making will strengthen your business and your growth. Improving operational efficiency depends on objective, reliable data. When you have the right tools, you can identify which employees are productive, able to do the work of the future.

  1. Data to build strong teams: Effective teams are built with members who are able to learn fast, collaborate and perform in situations that require critical thinking skills. They are able to approach a problem from different perspectives to determine the best course of action.
  2. Data to reduce costs of errors: Efficiency starts with preventing errors. The best way to reduce errors is to make sure your employees can demonstrate the core problem solving skills and the commitment necessary to recognize, evaluate and avoid risky decisions and behavior.
  3. Hire and promote with objective data: Prescreen applicants. Only interview the strong decision-makers who have the greatest potential to add value to your team. When considering transferring or promoting an employee to new responsibilities, make sure they’re ready to learn and adapt. Make informed hiring personnel decisions
  4. Get the most out of your training dollars: Continuous improvement is needed to remain viable. It is important to prioritize upskilling to mitigate weakness and strengthen problem-solving skills in areas of the business that are critical to growth. Training to improve critical thinking and decision-making skills pays off. Critical thinking training gives the company and employees the capability to reinvent themselves.

Laptop screen showing 9 scientists and engineers participating in an online meetingTools to improve decision- making skills

Business assessments to measure decision-making skills and mindset

For more than 30 years Insight Assessment has provided research-based, reliable assessments of critical thinking skills and mindset attributes. Insight Assessment clients depend on our business assessments to provide data about how individuals perform when faced with new problems in high stakes and time-limited situations. Comprehensive individual reports provide thorough analysis of test taker strengths and weaknesses in 5 critical thinking skills and 10 essential business mindset attributes. Optional group reports enable you to evaluate areas of group weakness.

High quality, validated employee thinking assessments can identify those candidates who demonstrate the skills and mindsets that are key indicators of workplace success.  INSIGHT Business Professional is calibrated to specifically measure how employees apply decision making skills in actual business contexts.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of training or other initiatives, we recommend doing a two step process. First do a baseline pretest to identify areas in which improvement is needed to improve high stakes decision-making throughout your organization. Then, after an intervention, do post-tests to measure the effectiveness of the programs.

Training tools to improve employee thinking skills

Providing a high quality development program that specifically targets the improvement of employee thinking skills and mindset will directly impact efficiency and productivity.

Our online training, INSIGHT Development Program, builds critical thinking for real-world problem-solving, learning, and decision-making. The curriculum focuses on the skills and mindset characteristics that are needed for effective change management. Learners can access all 19 IDP modules, 24/7, using any online device.

Our clients depend on our assessments to provide valuable objective indicators of how individuals perform when faced with new problems in high stakes and time-limited situations. Comprehensive individual reports provide thorough analysis of test taker strengths and weaknesses in 15 critical thinking skills and  mindset. Optional group reports enable you to evaluate areas of group weakness.

Individual assessment metrics are an essential component of INSIGHT Development Program.

Put your operational efficiency program on a firm data-driven foundation

Make an investment in increasing productivity by prioritizing strong decision-making skills throughout your organization–from finance and development to operations and human resources. Why wait?

Opportunities present every day to implement effective talent management strategies to attract, develop and retain motivated problem-solvers.

Improving operational efficiency is not optional. In times of rapid change, business survival is based on running efficiently.

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