Increase Operational Efficiency; Hire Strong Thinkers

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Business success is based on operational efficiency.

Employee errors in judgment cost you money and opportunities.  Good thinking drives success and innovation. When your employees are good thinkers, they make better decisions, fewer errors and they are more productive. Your operational efficiency increases.  For stronger business processes, you need to hire and promote good thinkers.

Prescreening candidate thinking skills reduces the risk of bad hires.

  • High quality, validated employee thinking assessments can identify those candidates who demonstrate the skills and mindsets that are key indicators of workplace success.  INSIGHT Business Professional is calibrated to specifically measure how employees apply decision making skills in actual business contexts.

Providing a high quality development program that specifically targets the improvement of employee thinking skills and mindset will directly impact efficiency and productivity.

  • Hiring for good thinking is reinforced by including training to improve thinking skills as part of your onboarding training. Individual assessment metrics are an essential component of INSIGHT Development Program, our online series that focuses on improving core thinking skills and mindset.

When you integrate INSIGHT tools into your pre-hiring and employee professional development, you can increase operational efficiency by building skills and using individual and group reports to:  

  1. Build strong teams: make sure your employees can demonstrate the core problem solving skills and a commitment necessary to resolve complex job-related issues.

  2. Reduce costs of errors: make sure your employees can demonstrate the core problem solving skills and commitment necessary to resolve complex job-related issues.

  3. Hire and promotewith objective data: prescreen and only interview the strong decision-makers who will offer the greatest potential to add value to your team.

  4. Get the most out of your training dollars:  do a baseline pretest to identify areas in which improvement is needed to improve high stakes decision-making throughout the organization; then do post-tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of training programs.

Our clients depend on our assessments to provide valuable objective indicators of how individuals perform when faced with new problems in high stakes and time-limited situations. Comprehensive individual reports provide thorough analysis of test taker strengths and weaknesses in 5 critical thinking skills and 10 essential business mindsets. Optional group reports enable you to evaluate areas of group weakness.

Make an investment in increasing productivity by prioritizing strong decision-making skills throughout your organization–from finance and development to operations and human resources. Why wait?

Opportunities present every day to implement effective talent management strategies to attract, develop and retain motivated problem-solvers.

Contact us to preview our cost effective, easily administered HR tools.

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