Improving Critical Thinking in the Health Sciences

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Successful healthcare organizations are built on talent

They make a commitment to prioritize strength in reasoning skills and attributes throughout their organization. Thinking skill and mindset become critical factors integrated into hiring, admissions, evaluation, training and development decisions.

Lives depend on competent clinical reasoning

  • Health care delivery sites can no longer afford to be mistaken about best thinking. Acting without adequate analysis of the problem, repeating a previous care delivery behavior unreflectively, or continuing to carry out a care delivery behavior without evaluating its effect can lead to irreparable damage and even cost lives.
  • Patient satisfaction and workplace safety are two things leaders in the healthcare services industry consistently value. Employees at every level who can anticipate and solve problems are invaluable.
  • We recommend INSIGHT Health assessments for institutions seeking quality staff, more efficient operations, error reduction, lower costs and focused professional development.

Build strong healthcare teams

You need healthcare teams that are able to anticipate problem situations and make good judgments in challenging contexts

  • A direct focus on the critical thinking processes used to interpret, analyze, infer, evaluate, and explain what is going on is an effective way to achieve better clinical reasoning and critical thinking outcomes.
  • Well-designed, validated assessment is an essential tool for fostering a culture of thoughtful problem solving and decision making. To see a list of Insight Assessment  Health Science test instruments
    • Prescreening reasoning skills of program applicants provides data that predicts licensure, aids admissions, supports hiring and the development of training programs.
    • Assessing participants at the completion of educational and training programs provides evidence of achievement of goals.  Evaluating training programs and curriculum against comparative percentiles can to quantify success and areas for improvement.
  • Health care specialists depend on the quality and reliability of the individual and group reports delivered by Insight Assessment test instruments.

Used World Wide

Hospitals, medical centers and medical schools throughout the world depend on Insight Assessment test instruments specifically designed for health science professionals, workers and students.  

Health science education programs use the HSRT family of critical thinking tests to assess critical thinking skills and/or mindset attributes of students using:

Hospitals and medical centers rely on the INSIGHT Health array to verify that patient-facing as well as business operations employees have the right reasoning skills for their specific job responsibilities; they also use the tools to evaluate training programs.

The importance of clinical reasoning and critical thinking

The demonstration of competent clinical reasoning is widely mandated for the accreditation of professional training programs and for the oversight of health care delivery

Insight Assessment is the world’s leading provider of proven, objective tools for the evaluation of critical thinking at the professional, graduate, undergraduate, and two-year college level. With a selection of assessment tools to fit your trainee’s health specialty and educational level, multilingual testing capability, flexible app-based online administration, and score reports that provide discipline specific percentiles, our customers can offer their programs to students who have the reasoning skills and mindset to achieve success in health science careers.

Your decision to use these powerful, research-based measurement tools is a high-impact low-cost investment in increased efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.


Contact us today. Join our many long term clients who have transformed their health care service delivery teams into high performance reasoning and decision making units.

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