Improve Their Interpretive Skills

CCTST Family of Tests measures critical thinking skills
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Bible Colleges uses the critical thinking test CCTST to help students improve their interpretive skills and to assist them to be more effective community members.  Graduates of faith-based colleges should be able to analyze and interpret sacred texts, to see the moral implications of religious teachings, to guide others in the evaluation of courses of action, to provide the faithful with uplifting explanations, and to reflect thoughtfully when confronted with doubts and challenges. Analytical and Interpretation skills are used when determining the precise meaning of a sentence, passage, text, idea, assertion, sign, signal, chart, etc. in a given context and for a given purpose.

The CCTST reports on OVERALL skills plus, core components of thinking skills: Analysis, Inference, Evaluation, Deduction, Induction, Interpretation and Explanation and Numeracy.

There are many important things we cannot measure, but critical thinking is not among them.  Ensure that your students have the basic skills to learn well and do well.  Measure their critical thinking skills and their willingness to engage those skills with proven assessment instruments used by faith-based institutions here and abroad.

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