If we assess employee thinking, how do we use the data to make a real difference to our bottom line?

Grow with strong thinkers; graphic of individual pushing a ball up a steep hill

When strong decision-making skills are prioritized, potential is maximized and risks are reduced.

  • Assessing skills and mindset is a good starting point. You now have the data you need to start the process of maximizing your most valuable resource—your employees, managers and leaders.
  • Build a plan to integrate the improvement of thinking skills throughout your culture and processes.
  • Your plan must focus on real issues and actual needs.  Use your assessment data identifying strengths and weaknesses in individuals and teams to quantify potential benefits of improvement.
  • Set specific goals for necessary improvements.
  • Include a plan for funding improvement initiatives.
  • Don’t make the mistake of looking for surplus dollars for training. Make improving thinking a line item in your budget. The dollars will be well spent.
  • Recognize that with the right training, the long-term value of investing employee development pays off in increased employee engagement, retention, productivity, improved customer service, sales and reduced costs of turnover, errors and missed opportunities.
  • Be sure you focus training and personal development initiatives to directly target improving identified key skills and mindset attributes that are integral to workplace success.
  • Consider integrating e-training into your professional development processes; it’s a cost-effective way to provide employees with a convenient, flexible self-paced program focusing on their specific goals.
  • Measure success of training initiatives. Comparison of pre-training and post-training assessment permits you to quantify the impact of the initiative.
  • Integrate measures of thinking skills and mindset into your hiring practices. Start with strong thinkers.
  • Repeat and do again. Improving thinking pays off; make it an ongoing plan.

New Tools for Employee Training and Professional Development:

At every level of the organization people are needed who have the resourcefulness leadership, thoughtful resilience, and strong critical thinking to move the organization forward.  Newly released online personal and professional self-development Mini-Courses from Insight Assessment make that possible.  Mindset Boosters, Skill Builders, and Deep Dives, each focused on specific aspects of reasoning, decision-making, and leadership.
Your new hires and current employees can access these tools anytime anywhere because they are 100% online. Begin to strengthen critical thinking in as little as one hour.
Available to individuals for purchase directly from our  Store at Insight Basecamp, and to organizations to purchase multiple licenses at discounted bulk rates. 



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