Identify Superior Critical Thinking in the Legal Profession

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The data are unequivocal, not all lawyers graduating from top tier law schools have strong reasoning skills. Candidates lacking reasoning skills and the desired legal mindset will prove to be disappointing to their firms, regardless of their glowing references, or claims they might make about their own achievements.  In the legal profession, as in business, healthcare, or the defense industry, a thorough assessment of a promising candidate can prevent the costly error of a bad hire

Every good attorney can assemble the facts of a case, determine evidentiary burden, and argue the case based on statutes and precedents. Superior legal minds can anticipate the opposition, expose flaws in their case, and execute a successful legal process with exquisite time sensitivity. These attorneys bring the mindset and reasoning skills needed for a distinguished legal career. They are the attorneys you want to recruit to both your junior and senior positions. Anything less costs the firm in countless ways.

 INSIGHT LAW PROFESSIONAL provides you with the assessment tool to quickly and easily assess prospective hires anytime and anywhere in the world to determine their cognitive qualifications for hiring. With INSIGHT LAW, administered through mobile app or browser, you can receive a complete breakdown of each prospective candidate’s reasoning skills and mindset within one hour of administration, and determine a candidate’s comparative strength and suitability for interview.

Comprehensive assessment reports analyze strengths and weaknesses in legal mindset attributes and reasoning skills demonstrated to be predictive of a successful legal professional.

Gain competitive advantage by identifying individuals who demonstrate superior reasoning skills and a positive mindset. These are the only candidates worth hiring.

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