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Histogram showing CCTST Critical Thinking Skills Overall Strong and Weak Score Distribution
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Critical Thinking: Essential for Graduate School Success

Just because someone has completed a 4 year degree program doesn’t mean that they are prepared to succeed in a selective post graduate program.  Graduate programs require students to demonstrate more rigorous thinking skills and mindset, greater autonomy and motivation.

The capacity and desire to engage complex problems using sound critical thinking and quantitative reasoning is the key student success driver at the graduate level. 

Weak critical thinking skill is an established predictor of academic problems—at all levels. This fact drives many graduate programs to prioritize admitting applicants who can demonstrate the reasoning skills and thinking mindset which indicate readiness for the academic work required.  

Insight Assessment has developed the premiere series of graduate level validated, objective critical thinking assessments:

  • HSRT: used globally in selective post graduate health sciences programs including Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy to  screen to assess critical thinking skills

  • CCTST used in STEM and other programs to assess masters and doctoral applicants’ capacity and desire to engage complex problems using sound critical thinking and quantitative reasoning. 

  • BCTST used by many AACSB accredited graduate Business and Executive Leadership programs to identify students who have the best chance for success in graduate business programs

  • CCTDI used to measure seven attributes that influence the capacity to learn and to effectively apply critical thinking skills.

  • LSRP used in criminal justice, government policy and legal education to identify students with the thinking mindset and reasoning skills needed to engage deeply with complex ill-structured questions, issues, and problems. 

  • CCT-G835 calibrated for scientists, technologists or individuals with doctoral preparation

Incorporating Insight Assessment’s nationally benchmarked instruments into a graduate level admissions process will lead to improved student success.

Our clients use comprehensive individual and group reports to screen applicants, assist advising and objectively document program strength. Deans and directors upgrade to our assessments because of the versatility and ease of use, because of the significance of critical thinking and quantitative reasoning to academic and professional success, and because Insight Assessment offers the industry’s leading online testing technology enabling admissions assessment in multiple locations and multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese.

Locally designed rubrics, committee-derived conceptualizations, and self-report scoring provide useful data, but they don’t provide the objectivity necessary to support assertions about program excellence.    

Contact Insight Assessment to choose a cost effective, criterion based, valid and reliable online measure of critical reasoning skills and mindset tailored to your general education and professional education programs.

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