Identify Employees With Strong Problem Solving Skills

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It costs businesses money when problems are solved based on poor reasoning skills; it also costs businesses money when staff choose not to apply their reasoning skills to problem-solving. If your staff includes individuals and teams who have strong reasoning skills, operations run more efficiently—and productively. It’s essential that you hire and promote your best thinkers.  Insight Assessment offers world-class tools specifically designed to provide employers with the metrics they need to hire strong thinkers, to create teams of people able to learn their jobs quickly and to build staff competence.

INSIGHT Business assessments objectively measure essential business thinking skills (such as analyzing problems, evaluating options, managing consequences, managing uncertainty, managing numbers) plus associated important business thinking mindsets (such as job commitment, work ethic, honesty and focus).  Easy to read, easy to use comprehensive metrics on the strengths and weaknesses of key aspects of decision making.  Clear concise reports provide the reliable analysis you need for hiring, promoting and future planning. Printable INDIVIDUAL REPORTS document strengths and areas for growth for 15 key thinking skill and mindset metrics.

Contact us to discuss how businesses use INSIGHT Business assessments to identify employees who will bring strength in thinking and problem solving to their position. 

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