HR Fills the Big Data Gap in Current Hiring Practices

Better Decision-making, Better Results
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INSIGHT assessment solutions fill the big gap in current hiring practices—the objective data needed to identify the best thinkers and decision makers.

Identifying the strongest possible candidates for employment is a constant challenge for human resources professionals; doing this as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible is essential. These candidates can be predicted to learn their jobs quickly and to perform with greater success in situations requiring problem solving of any kind.

Your HR department can get the benefits of employee data that will help you meet your goals.

When making hiring, placement or development decisions, you can know:

  • which candidates have the analytical skills to identify inefficiencies and to think strategically about opportunities
  • which of your current teams are motivated to willingly accept responsibilities and make a commitment to company and team missions
  • do your teams have the analytical thinking skills to determine viable solutions to complex problems

Insight Assessment offers the world’s leading tools for measuring and developing the reasoning skills and habits of mind associated with excellence in reasoning and problem-solving.

The INSIGHT suite includes assessments designed for Business, Health, Education,Defense, Science/Engineering, Government/Law, and First Responders.

  • In collaboration with industry experts, INSIGHT has been designed and tested to provide well-tailored tools that assess the ‘willing and able’ capabilities of each employee group to respond to company goals and objectives. Every INSIGHT instrument reports the array of mindset attributes and the set of reasoning skills that match the decision responsibility of employees at each level of your organization.
  • INSIGHT assessments tests rely on case-based scenarios to provide objective, valid and reliable measures of these essential problem solving and decision-making skills. Our tools are highly cost effective. For only a few dollars you can determine in less than an hour’s time which applicants are in the top percentages of your candidate pool.
  • Within minutes of the completion of the assessment, results are reported onlineor by PDF push sent to a designated HR email account in your office.  Candidate’s test results can be shared with the applicant or not, at your discretion. individual and group reports are available.
  • Insight Assessment offers the industry’s most complete and cost-effective array of testing administration options. Our app based test administration provides continuous assessment capability with real-time results delivery. Our clients are able to select the testing method which is most suitable for their specific test environments and needs.

The job is not done once employees are hired. Employee skills cannot remain static.  Growth depends on improvement of skills.

Fortunately, improvements in thinking skills and thinking mindset can be achieved by employees at every stage of their career.

  • INSIGHT Development Program is a cost effective, validated self-paced program for improving decision skills and fostering a workplace culture of positive thinking mindset. The flexible structure lets employees work independently, controlling time on task, pace and progress.  It can be offered in module progressive model though most clients prefer controlling assignments.

Insight Assessment tools are now being used by businesses, government agencies, search firms, executive recruiters to prescreen job applicants to identify candidates who have the strongest reasoning skills and the desire to apply those skills. INSIGHT solutions are also essential professional development tools used to enhance talent spotting and skills development programs. Assessments of thinking skills can be integrated into the employee evaluation processes to provide objective data that can be used throughout the year to increase employee productivity.

Contact us if you would like to discuss ways to support talent spotting and skills development, to learn more about our products or to discuss a business pilot program.


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