How to start a new assessment program for medical professionals

Health Care worker wearing scrubs in operating room
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Many health care centers use Insight Assessment tools to focus on building employee critical thinking to improve clinical judgment skills and minimize error in the clinical setting. Strong critical thinking is integral to positive health care outcomes.

  • Many health science clients require the use of the Insight Assessment’s academic instrument, HSRT, at the learning institutions from which they recruit.
  • Frequently medical centers initially use INSIGHT Health to assess candidate critical thinking skills and/or the mindset associated with reasoning strength prior to hiring.  Once the value of INSIGHT report data  documenting 15 core components of good thinking has been seen, many health care customers expand their use of INSIGHT to larger areas of their operations.
  • Often the next step is to integrate assessment into new personnel onboarding training and then into current personnel development.
  • Health care organizations interested in tools to assess and to enhance critical thinking in current employees and applicants can also integrate INSIGHT Development programwhich provides online training modules targeting  core critical thinking skills and mindset attributes that are essential for good decision-making.

Pilot programs

A pilot assessment program is often an important first step in rolling out a project aimed at identifying, hiring, training and promoting the best thinkers.  Our solutions enable our health care clients to customize the effectiveness of their critical thinking and decision-making initiative by targeting their entire staff, clinicians as well as non-clinicians.

Our trained personnel will help you set everything up.

Call us.  We are committed to providing the objective data you need to achieve your outcomes.  As new clients begin to explore initiating a testing program, Insight Assessment staff are prepared to assist planning optimal programs.  We will work to help you integrate our solutions into your process. We are happy to provide a variety of resource materials; we also invite clients to preview one or more of the tests as test takers might experience them.

Contact us to discuss adding INSIGHT to your health care team.  Our test specialists will help you design and implement a successful and cost effective assessment and development program.
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