Initiating critical thinking assessment and training program for health professionals

Health Care worker wearing scrubs in operating room

Many health care centers throughout the world use Insight Assessment tools to focus on building employee critical thinking to improve clinical judgment skills and minimize error in the clinical setting. Strong critical thinking is integral to positive health care outcomes.

  • Our graduate and undergraduate health science professional program clients use Insight Assessment’s Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT) to evaluate the critical thinking skills of program applicants. Scores on the HSRT have been shown to predict academic success and success on professional licensure examination in a wide spectrum of health care professional disciplines.
  • Medical centers use INSIGHT Health Professional  to assess job applicants for staff and professional level health care employees.  This combination of paired assessments evaluate the critical thinking skills and the mindset attributes of strong problem solvers and decision makers. 
  • To facilitate on-boarding and employee development, our organizational clients and individuals use our new suite of online Professional Development Tools – Mini-Courses:  Mindset Boosters, Skill Builders, Deep Dives, and approved Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Packs each focused on specific aspects of reasoning, decision-making, and leadership. 100% online. Available to  individuals for purchase directly from our Store at Insight Basecamp, and to organizations to purchase multiple licenses at discounted bulk rates.  A person can strengthen their critical thinking in as little as one hour.

Our experts can assist you with arranging assessments and mini-courses for a pilot critical thinking development program in your organization.

Call us.  We are committed to providing the objective data you need to achieve your outcomes.  As new clients begin to explore initiating a testing program, Insight Assessment staff are prepared to assist planning optimal programs.  We will work to help you integrate our solutions into your process. We are happy to provide a variety of resource materials; we also invite clients to preview one or more of the tests as test takers might experience them.

Contact us to add INSIGHT to your health care team. 


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