How to Improve Employee Critical Thinking

Man looking at a cluttered bulletin board thinking: How to improve employee thinking?

Had enough of talking about critical thinking and ready to actually develop it?

Organizations can bulk rate purchase any of the training materials at INSIGHT BASECAMP

Finally, the professional and personal self-development tools are available to your organization and its people at INSIGHT BASECAMP
  • 4 Skill Builders, like “How to Analyze and Interpret Numerical Information,” focus on specific reasoning abilities.
  • 4 Mindset Boosters, like “Thoughtful Resilience” and “Resourceful Leadership,” focus on how to be flexible and adapt to change.
  • 5 Deep Dives, like “Optimizing Decision-Making,” provide strategies for maximizing reactive and reflective problem-solving.

Individuals can purchase INSIGHT BASECAMP assessments and training materials to identify opportunities for personal growth.

Individuals can purchase valid adult level critical thinking key mindset and strategic skills assessments to privately identify their own areas of strength and opportunities for further development.


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Basecamp training materials are available 24/7 worldwide for  independent learning.  They use practical, real life situations to illustrate how to apply specific skills and mindsets attributes. 


  1. Yes, you can focus on the skills needed for effective problem-solving and decision-making, AND the mindset attributes that motivate engaging those skills.

  2. Yes, your organization can incorporate valid skills and mindset assessment into your hiring.

  3. Yes, we can help you integrate reasoning assessment and training for executive, professional, skilled, and support personnel into your organization’s employee development programs.

  4. Yes, we do train-the-trainer workshops guided by experienced expert presenters.

  5. Yes, we do supply world-leading experts for conference and keynote presentations.

Assessments for Businesses

Our INSIGHT series of business assessments, like the INSIGHT Business Professional, evaluate reasoning skillset and thinking mindsets for all levels. 

  • INSIGHT Executive
  • INSIGHT Business (Law, Health, Defense, First Responder…) Pro
  • INSIGHT Staff
  • INSIGHT Support
  • The strength of the critical thinking skills that your job applicants employees bring to problem solving.
  • Whether applicants and employees have the motivation and focus to determine the optimal solution.

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