How long do the tests take to administer?

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Most of our critical thinking skills assessments are designed to be completed in 45 to 50 minutes. This is the amount of time a test taker can be expected to work well at responding to the test items before cognitive fatigue begins. The exceptions are  INSIGHT Executive and CCT-G835 and which are more demanding (60 minutes).

Generally our disposition and mindset inventories take 20 minutes. But times can vary by context.

Two part tests that measure both thinking mindset and thinking skills include: the INSIGHT series, the CSS, MDCTI and LSRP.  Test takers can take a break between the two parts, but once a test is started, it must be finished in the same sitting.

All Insight Assessment instruments are timed. The time allowed is more than sufficient for a valid test administration in the absence of specified disability and when the selected test is appropriately matched to the test takers’ age and educational level.  All of the Insight Assessment electronic test administration options include timers on screen to aid the test taker. Non timed options are available for test takers who require disability accommodations.

The user manual for each assessment includes specific information on how to administer that test.

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