How INSIGHT Business measures employee thinking

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INSIGHT Business targets key aspects of employee thinking.

The multi-level metrics reported by the INSIGHT Business series are rigorously calibrated to document the ways effective staff members apply reasoning skills to job-related situations. Based on responses, we identify how decisions were made and measure the application of reasoning skills. Four INSIGHT Business assessment levels have been created to accurately reflect the range of responsibility, accountability and job requirements. 

Insight Assessment uses rating levels of Superior, Strong, Moderate Decision Making Skills at this Level or Skills Not Manifested and includes an Overall numeric score.

INSIGHT Executive     

  • Executive  Decision Skills

    • Identifying Critical Elements, Assessing Decision Options, Projecting Logical Consequences, Navigating Risk & Uncertainty, Quantitative Analysis

    • Overall Decision Skills

  • Executive Mindset

    • Rankings of Strong Positive, Positive or Not Manifested for Discerning, Honorable, Foresightful,  Professionalism, Driven, Judicious, Tolerant, Incisive, Innovative, Motivational

INSIGHT Business Professional 

  • Business Professional Reasoning Skills

    • Problem Analysis, Evaluating Alternatives, Precise Contexts, Ambiguous Contexts, Quantitative Contexts

    • Overall Reasoning Skills

  • Business Professional Mindset

    • Rankings of Strong Positive, Positive or Not Manifested for Judicious, Committed, Honorable, Foresightful, Professionalism, Focused, Tolerant, Adaptable, Resourceful,  Motivational

INSIGHT Business Staff 

  • Business Staff Problem Solving Skills

    • Situation Comprehension, Anticipating Outcomes, Evaluating Choices, Numeric Literacy

    • Overall Problem Solving Skills

  • Business Staff Work Ethic

    • Rankings of Strong Positive, Positive or Not Manifested for Honesty, Dependability, Professionalism, Job Commitment, Desire to Work, Desire to Learn, Desire to Think, Workplace Safety, Workplace Tolerance, Workplace Flexibility 


  • Support Workplace Thinking Skills

    • Understanding Directions, Seeing Consequences, Working with Numbers

    • Overall Thinking Skills

  • Support Work Ethic 

    • Rankings of Strong Positive, Positive or Not Manifested for Dependability, Honesty, Job Commitment, Workplace Safety, Professionalism, Workplace Tolerance, Workplace Flexibility, Desire to Work, Desire to Learn

You can hire and promote confidently when you base your decisions on the objective metrics delivered by INSIGHT assessment solutions for business success.


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