How Insight Assessment Translations Are Used

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How Insight Assessment Translations are used

Insight Assessment critical thinking assessments are used throughout the world.  Businesses, researchers, health care institutions, governments, military agencies, schools and universities choose Insight Assessment for their proven assessments and for their rigorously validated translations. Some recent examples include:

  • Multinational corporations use translations of our business test instruments to measure the decision-making skills of overseas managers and executives as part of company-wide professional development programs.  Since individuals are taking the same test (in different languages), group results can be compared to identify the strongest thinkers and teams throughout the corporation.
  • Large multi-campus, multi-country universitiesuse our college level instruments to assess student critical thinking skills or mindset attributes as part of the admissions process. Multiple language translations of Insight Assessment test instruments are available to assess students in their native languages. Clients are able to specify the test language or they can assign a test and let the test taker select between the available translations.
  • International Universities are using our college level assessments to assess educational readiness in their applicants, to assess their students’ thinking skills, to assess Honors students’ problem solving skills and to evaluate the effectiveness of critical thinking curriculum and programs.
  • International Health Science researchers use our Health Science instruments to measure the critical thinking skills of nurses and to document the effectiveness of diagnostic reasoning training techniques Group and individual reports are be delivered in English and other languages. Test taker results can be grouped as a whole or by the language in which the test was presented to the test taker.
  • Individual and international collaborative research projects throughout the world use our multilingual assessments to study topics such as the relationship between thinking skills, linguistics and reading comprehension, the strength of teachers’ critical thinking, the effectiveness of problem based learning strategies and changes in cognition.
  • Public, private and international K-12 schools use translated versions of our assessments for children and adolescents. They value the flexibility of assessing the thinking skills and learning orientation of multilingual students while minimizing the English as a Second Language (ESL) impact.
  • A nonprofit peace focused agency in the Middle East is using an array of critical thinking skills instruments in its youth educational programs to build negotiation skills and tolerance.
  • Doctoral Students: many international doctoral students use translations of Insight Assessment test instruments for their dissertation research.

Contact us to discuss how your multilingual assessment program will be strengthened by using Insight Assessment’s high quality thinking test instruments and translations.

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